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Re: One For The Staff

Originally Posted by Svart View Post
Your stupidity reaches levels I never thought imaginable.

First of all, you're not funny. Second of all, it's funny how you project yourself to be this intelligent, witty guy when really you're just a butthurt little pepper turd that couldn't handle people poking fun at your batshit retarded conspiracy theories. But by your own admission we're all stupid, yet you continue to post novellas to try and prove just how intelligent and unaffected you are. So really, which is it.. We're stupid and you can't be bothered or you just want to try and impress us all? I think the answer is obvious. Now please do yourself a favour and go buy yourself a personality and a sense of humour.
I'm fucking awesome. Your tiny brain just can't comprehend art. Just get the fuck away from my masterpiece dirt. You're just not worth anybodys time. Besides all that matters is what I think and not what you think. I'm the awesome one here and nothing you say will change that.

Also: http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svart

And same page in English:


You just don't matter so stop trying to leach from the awesome enigma that is Ice_Edge. The moment you actually stop talking about masterpieces and start producing them you come talk to me but until than just get THE FUCK OUT!!!.

And in case you didn't get that I'll say it again. GET THE FUCK OUT SHIT STAIN!!!. Yeah I can do this all night but some people are below dirt who can't comprehend art. People like you cumdrop. Just carry that ass out of here already.
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