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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

The Rock vs. Triple H (60 Minute Iron Man Match) w/Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee - Judgment Day 2000

Both men stepped it up big time for this match and their feud in general in 2000. What I like most about this match is that it is never boring during the 60 minutes wrestled. They obviously paced themselves well but what I found brilliant is that this match had everything! They had the wrestling holds on the mat, brawling, blood, table spots and loads of falls compared to the 1st Ironman.

The Rock almost expertly attacked Hunterís legs which is also great psychology to pull the manís wheels from under him especially when he knows he must wrestle THE HOUR. Triple H countered back by working over The Rockís shoulder.

They had brawling all on the stage, in the crowd and around the ring. They even had Shawn Michaels as the special ref with those tight-ass, stuffed shorts (why Shawn?). One of my favorite moments in the match is when Triple H is trying to force the Rockís shoulders to the mat with the Roman knuckle lock but The Rock (while struggling) continues to fight up. I just that that was a strong image because sold the story of the will to win and to fight for as long as humanly possible no matter how tired you may be you have to keep fighting. It is small moments like that put the match over more for me.

The Ironman gimmick which I think happens in most of these match is the heel gets the big advantage and the face must chase him and the clock in the last leg of the match. The formula makes the most sense because normal matches usually work that way also without the gimmick of course. I didnít have a problem with there being so many falls either because each fall made sense. Two of the falls were a count out and a DQ anyways.

The Faction/Regime/DXís interference at the end was expected and so was Undertakerís return (Well sort of. Some people at the time thought it could be Kane). But we got the Deadman, excuse me, we got the American Badass! I watched this match with my family when it happened and we were screaming like crazy when Taker returned and kicked everybodyís ass!

Trips gets the title back after a controversial decision from the official (of course). Trips and Rocky continue the hot potato game with the WWE Title for another month. This is one of the most thrilling one hour matches ever.

btw, Shawn has a solid history of refereeing really good-great main event matches. I.e. Hart/Taker SS97, Rock/HHH SD & JD, Elimination Chamber III and the End of an Era.
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