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Re: The WWE Section At An All Time Low

I agree. The threads are absolutely awful. I mean testimony is that This Is So Creepy thread my buddy had with like 500 posts. The thread was purely a joke and became a lot of fun. However, it was invaded by idiots that legit don't understand we aren't the people buying tabloids and recording nonsense UFO/TEOTWAWKI videos on YouTube. We were just having fun. It was a thread that was intended to be fun and entertaining, that turned into either "f you because you think this is real" or "you guys think this is real?" Even if anyone ever notifies Michael Benoit about what we discussed, it doesn't mean we didn't find it having fun or were being completely serious.

People take this forum too seriously and that is the problem. 90% of the time someone breaks the rules and it goes unnoticed or the other 10% someone drops the hammer on someone that hasn't really done anything.

What we have on this forum are a lot of people that don't know how to have fun and not take things too seriously. The majority of the people only come on here to criticize the outcomes of WWE/TNA or criticize other people. OR they talk soccer or do crazy games that don't involve wrestling, so what can you expect? I mean seriously IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMNIT applies even more so to the people that accuse people of being that or being trolls.

I would suggest that this forum makes a legitimate "bait" section designated to interfere with the "idiot" traffic and relax on some of the thread "rules." Let the morons make their dumb threads and just ignore them in their own section.
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