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Re: The WWE Section At An All Time Low

Originally Posted by Catalanotto View Post
I can't really give a proper answer because, in Piper's days, I used to legit rage whenever he lost, with the whole WHAT THE FUCK, THIS IS BULLSHIT, FUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKER TO HELL. Granted, I was younger, but I think I would still have the same rage if he still wrestled now <.<

I dunno, you just like to see your guys do well and it gets disappointing when they don't. I get a bit of rage whenever I see Ziggler get beat by that fat, useless, Brodus Clay, because I like Ziggler, hate Clay, and have no idea what Vince sees in that fucking whale.

It's like when I cried because Neflite died on Sailor Moon. He was a hot piece of paper and I was devastated. I was also 13 but I was still sad that a piece of paper died. You get so caught up in the show, you feel it is a part of you.
Oh yeah, it definitely frustrates me to watch great talent not be well utilized. Even worse when 1/2 of Raw is pointless filler, and you find yourself tired of the same old "CENA WINS~!" crap, but overall I just struggle to get as angry about all that stuff as some people on the forum do. And I say that as a huge pro-wrestling fan too.

I cried during Cena's "free or fired" speech though (okay, you fuckers can stop judging me now) so yeah, I get what you mean about getting caught up in the show.

Originally Posted by Brye View Post
You enjoy Raw so much more if you watch it without looking in the Raw discussion thread.
I love the Raw thread for the comedy. The comments in there are usually my favourite part of staying up from 2-4am watching Raw, especially when it's a shitty episode.



Originally Posted by Jimshine View Post
Isn't it a coincidence that the rise of feminism coincided with the decline of kayfabe.
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