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re: Movie Villain Mafia - Day Four


After a long day that was spent discussing all possible leads, the villians were still nowhere closer as to knowing who the heroes were.

Magic was walking through the precint, trying to use his influence to catch the heroes out. He didn't notice that he was being followed. Magic kept on his merry way, before he was blasted in the back of the head with a powerful kick, sending him to the floor. He crawled along the ground, trying to escape, but was shot in the back of the head.

Spoiler for Magic:

Congratulations! You are Alonzo Harris, Villain Aligned

You are the Miller. You're a corrupt cop, but still a cop, so the other villains don't trust you completely. You will show up as Hero Aligned when investigated. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

chr1st0 was outside, taking a break and smoking some exquisite European cigarettes. He took too long, as the attractive woman emerged in her red body suit. chr1st0 thought it was his lucky day, but 5 seconds later his head was splattered over the pavement from a shot from her arm.

Spoiler for chr1st0:

Congratulations! You are Hans Gruber, Villain Aligned

You are the Governor. Once per game you may stop a lynch that has already gone through, preventing that player from dying. You can send in the name of a player during the day phase: if that player is lynched, it will not go through. If they aren't, you don't waste the role. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Evolution was busy honing his skills. He entered the forest, using the force to move rocks around, and rearrange twigs. It's a shame that his focus was that intense that he didn't hear a chirping sound. He didn't see the red dot on his chest. He didn't hear the rocket being fired. He did, however, look up at the last second to his killer disappear into thin air before the rocket exploded into him.

Spoiler for Evolution:

Congratulations! You are Luke Skywalker, Heroes Aligned
You are the Jedi Knight aka Framer, which means you can alter investigation results to make the innocent look guilty, and vice versa. You win when you outnumber the town and all other threats have been eliminated.
Your QuickTopic is located at:

The villains would somewhat rejoice, as they had vanquished one of their threats. However, given their inability to obtain lynches, this breakthrough may turn out to fizzle.

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