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Re: 1,000 things we've learnt from WWE over the years.

107. Jim Ross is better than you. Even if you are a veteran and former world champion who's made more money for the company in one year than he has in his entire life and we aren't sure exactly why.

108. Old guys can still work the crowd just by sneezing (but anybody under 45 obviously can't)

109. You don't have to be 6'5 and weigh 300 pounds to be world champion. All you have to do is hit a 619.

110. Wrestlers don't have to train for big ppv matches. Instead they cut promos hoping to get the call from Hollywood.

111. WWE makes a tribute video for a guy that died who hasn't been seen in over 30 years. By the way did they ever find the whereabouts of that Umaga guy?

112. JBL is a bully, racist, and stereotype of white america and so we must all hate him.

113. Daniel Bryan is a promo guy and entertainer. Bryan Danielson was a wrestler. Stone Cold Steve Austin was a promo guy and entertainer. Stunning Steve Austin was a wrestler. John Cena is a promo guy and entertainer. Prototype was a wrestler. Notice a unearthly pattern here TNA and Ring of Honor wrestling?

114. Chris Benoit didn't do it. It doesn't matter if the evidence is right in front of your face and the case has been solved for 5 years now. How can a mark possibly fadom a innocent professional wrestler can ever kill his family right. It's impossible.

115. Eric Simms a total nobody is more respected by professional wrestlers and professional wrestling fans of the last couple of generations than Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, and Macho Man combined.

116. If you don't know who The Sandman or New Jack is we'll forgive you but if you don't rate every single Kawada and Misawa match at least 5 stars you must be reprimanded.

117. Dave Meltzer contracted Hep C from Abdullah the Butcher.

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