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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory

Once, just once, I wish you'd deliver a bad JBL promo. Obviously though, this Raw wasnt the one. This might'nt make sense, but you do JBL better than JBL does JBL. I cant see JBL coming out with the title tonight, but I hope he sticks around the main events after this. 10/10.

Glad to see Christian breaking out, and although I know what you have planned for him, I'm really excited to see how it develops. Brilliant after match promo too with JBL. Glad you didnt have Christian being bogged down in a meaningless feud with Tomko, but where Tomko goes from here is a question to be answered. 9/10.

Big Show squashes Rosey. Okay. It appears that the Kane - Big Show feud is just something your doing to keep both men around, which is okay, I guess, seeing as I care for neither of them. 7/10.

Orton now reforming Evolution is nice, although, I expected JBL to reform the Cabinet to take over on Raw. Nice though. Not sure if Matt Hardy fits in, seeing as he's already a breakout star waiting to happen, with his own gimmick, really, he doesnt need Evolution, and could be big enough on his own. I do like the inclusion of Mark Jindrak and Chris Masters though, two guys who need the 'rub' from established guys like Orton and Flair. 8/10.

Jericho - Morgan didnt seem neccessary, but was a good filler match anyway, with a good victory for Y2J. 6/10. Just average.

Great Hassan promo, although, his PPV debut was at NYR against King. Glad to see this feud continuing, although, it appears Hassan's focus is now just Jannetty but I do see the feud ending with a tag match, maybe as far down the line as Bad Blood. 9/10.

I like the announcement of the Intercontinental Invitational, and this can only make Benjamin stronger and stronger as Champion, until he finally loses, and steps up to the Main Event scene. Should see some great match ups with this. Great idea. 10/10.

Not sure what to think about the Tag Match, but at least Chris Benoit has a feud. And, by the looks of things, Hassan isnt after HBK anymore, with no run in here, so it looks like Michaels and Benoit to feud with Evolution, along with Batista - Orton, there are some great feuds lining up right now. 8/10.

Nice way to book Batista, the dominating, never say die champion. Its hard to think of when he'll drop the belt at this rate, with a run coming along as strong as this, you'll need to do a great job of beating the guy, when you eventually do, as he took one hell of a punishment this week, yet survived. Hope JBL doesnt disappear, but it looks as if you're heading towards a definite Orton - Batista feud. 10/10.

78/90. Not the best show you've ever produced, with a little bit of filler bringing you down, but every show needs it, and wouldnt be the same without it. No Edge, after winning the MITB contract was odd though.
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