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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
- The reason why we don't have a mod right now is because the section doesn't need one. As much as we (the members that were around this time last year) were complaining about it being shit in activity compared to years before, it still had more activity than what we have right now.
It was terrible this time last year. I would say it was more dead then than it is at the moment, especially as we barely got a summer boom and we all sat here and wondered where it was.

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
Not to sidetrack anybody from the Tourney talk, but this is an old post from a member named Flip that has to be at least 3-4 years old, seeing as how I got this back when I was much more active (like 2008ish). Evidently, I had it copied and pasted onto a document that I just stumbled upon. It concerns match writing. Posting it to perhaps spark a little bit of discussion...

Anyone have any thoughts regarding these? How it compares to your match writing style? A writing style you enjoy reading? Or just the tips in general?
Definitely feeling those tips, especially the theme of - if it's getting boring, make it more interesting. Trying out new things is what makes it entertaining as a writer. It's the same with shows in general; not two shows ago I tried a different intro by having one huge promo before the opening credits, and I immediately felt like it stood out from the rest of my (relatively small number of) shows. Stuff like experimenting with different finishes, different interactions or uses for the crowd, entrances, and even the basic way you construct the face-heel story - there's a lot of freedom in the whole process. Good thing I have a PPV to finish, I can toy around with some of it. Nice find.

On the tourney topic, I agree that it kind of killed the activity. I remember I was considering a new (newer) thread at the time with a partner, and then I looked at the section and wondered who the hell was around to read it anyway. And er, I'm not ready for anyone to take my crown yet. I haven't given enough feedback to make some puns about being royalty, plus I still haven't used my coloured usertitle OR changed my name to King Melvis and taken on a royal gimmick and disapproved of you all ala Booker T in 2006.

And on the mod thing, if we have someone doing the exact same thing anyway, I'm not fussed. Headliner's the Interim Vice-Moderator of BTB [/Laurinaitis] so that's fine. I still think there's potential for a Newsletter at some point this year, with a new interview, maybe some awards and a couple of other bits (maybe return of the Spotlight?) that could be done, but we don't need a mod for that, and if Headliner's going to sort out all the brass and bold stuff then we're set.

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