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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WrestleMania 21 is a solid ppv, but the last hour isn't the greatest ... it's like a lot of WCW PPV from the late 90's.

Guerrero vs. Mysterio ***1/4 (the match I saw live at Judgment Day a month later was closer to ****) so this was a slight let down. Blame it on that dumb mask Rey wore.

MITB ****1/2 The best MITB, it seemed they became progressively worse as it went on, mixing in more and more mid carder wrestlers who weren't going to be able to excel as well in this setting ... however, the MITB matches at MITB last year were very good.

Orton vs. Undertaker ***1/2 ... good match, but would be even better if they wrestled today.

Trish vs. Christy * not good, at least the following year we got the very good James - Stratus match

Angle vs. Michaels ****1/2 GREAT match, but not perfect, in part due to the absurdity of the ankle lock. Michaels simply refused to tap for WAY too long. It became ridiculous. Still tremendous IMO.

Sumo Match - DUD ... what a joke

Cena vs. JBL *1/2 Again, I saw them tear the house down in an I Quit Match at Judgment Day (****1/4) this is NOTHING like that.

Triple H vs. Batista **3/4 Decent match, but I remember the crowd not being tremendously loud during it. I don't know if they were burned out, or simply thought the result was too obvious to really get into. They had way better matches later as well, especially at Vengeance in Hell in a Cell.

And yes, King of the Ring 2000 was deplorable. They wasted Benoit, Guerrero, Jericho in favor of Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle. And then we had that main event (wasn't it like Taker, Kane & Rock vs. McMahons & HHH) UGH. It's the one pay per view from 2000 that was simply terrible ... well, actually I remember Survivor Series being terrible as well. Anyway, it was really sad coming after Backlash & Judgment Day, at least they rebounded with Fully Loaded leading to Summer Slam.

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