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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

We return back from commercials, backstage where Josh Mathews is standing in front of the camera, holding a microphone. Josh begins to speak.

Josh Mathews
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time...Carlito Caribbean Cool!

Carlito walks into the shot with his Intercontinental Title on his shoulders. The crowd boo him loudly.

Carlito, only two weeks ago you defeated William Regal to capture the Intercontinental Title, how do you think your title reign has been so far and how long will it be until it ends?

Carlito looks at Josh serious and starts to speak.

Carlito Caribbean Cool
Wait a minute, back up there..when will Carlito's title reign end? Josh, Carlito has held the title on his shoulders for two weeks now and you're asking Carlito when it's gonna end? That's not cool.

Carlito reveals an apple in his hand and begins to take bite out of it. Josh Mathews quickly leaves as Carlito looks on. Carlito turns to the camera, swallows and begins to talk again.

To all you people that are thinking the same thing as Josh is, believe me, Carlito's title reign has barely started. I've shown you and will continue to show you right here tonight that there is no worthy challenger for Carlito's title. Carlito defeated 10 men to get this baby on his shoulders and the body count continues. Last week Yoshi Tatsu was the victim and tonight, Sin Cara will be next. I think everyone can agree that Carlito is a cool cat, I am strong, handsome, talented..and let's not forget, the Intercontinental Champion. Sin Cara is none of these things but he does well to hide this fact. Instead of doing what most of the wrestlers on Smackdown do, actually wrestle, he runs and jumps around the ring like a frog and never actually does any wrestling. Carlito see's through this Sin Cara, Carlito can see right through you, you try to hide all of your flaws, you even wear a mask. Tonight it's time Carlito shows the world all of your flaws and everything else you try to hide. Tonight, Carlito will show everyone that no one can challenge Carlito for the Intercontinental Title and walk out a winner. And that's cool.

Carlito smirks into the camera as the crowd boo loudly. We return back to the commentators.

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