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Re: New Users Introduction thread

Hey gang! Glad to finally be a member of this forum! I've been exposed to wrestling since I was a child. When my mom had to work, my grandmother babysat me and had one of two things on TV: soap operas, the news or wrestling. Most of the time, it was the latter. I didn't start getting heavily into it til 99 though. One night, my grandma asked me to record Raw for her since she was going out with friends. I sat there doing my homework with the TV running in the background so I can pause for commercials, but I couldn't help scoffing at the fact there was going to be an actual marriage on wrestling. Kinda piqued my interest tho so I kept watching; it was the night Steph was supposed to marry Test (RIP) but HHH beat him to the punch. I was like, "Daaaaamn! What's gonna happen next?!" So I kept watching to follow the storyline and as a result, learned the names of the wrestling moves, learned about the different wrestlers, etc. and was beyond entertained. I was hooked! When things started going downhill in WWE is when I stopped watching but over the past several years, I've been getting back into it and am happy to say it led me to going to Wrestlemania this year. What a blast!!


*Why you picked your username?
If I were a wrestler/manager, I'd choose this name (real name's is Jennifer) for I'd want to be the beginning of the end for those Divas...gotta get to Kharma (Kong) tho, haha.

*Fav. wrestler(s)
Edge, Christian, Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Alberto del Rio and Chimaera/Ricardo Rodriguez

Fav. wrestling company?
WWE but I'm steadily getting into ROH (it only comes on once a week here) :/

Which is the best country out of the following three: America, England, or Australia?
I'd say America cuz well, I was born here and it goes without saying But my best friend of 15 years, who passed away last year, was obsessed with and LOVED England. She was also really into sports and adored Manchester Utd (even had the crest tattoo'd on her arm). So Taran, this is for you! ENGLAND! #1! ENGLAND! #1!

Thanks for havin me and I look forward to being an active member up in here

"You know 'JR' should stand for 'Jolly Rancher' cuz he SOOO totally sucks!"

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