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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Davey Richards vs Michael Elgin - ROH World Championship - ROH Showdown In The Sun Night 2
As long as you can accept the ROH style for what it is these days then this was great and probably close to the best match you're possibly gonna get from that style. Beginning and Middle portions of the match are basically non existent so the body of the match is just a really long finishing stretch but at least it was a good one. Davey's initial shine period at the start sucked. Felt really flat and the crowd didn't seem to care. There never seems to be an atmosphere throughout ROH matches anymore. Yes the crowd react to the big spots and do their horrible "This is Awesome/Wrestling" chant when they like a match but when they're not doing crazy shit there's always this bored silent atmosphere which always hurts the match for me and it's because they don't make them care about the smaller things in a wrestling match. Transition into Elgin's workover in the middle really sucked and Elgin should have had longer to destroy Davey in the middle of the match before they went to trading bombs. I wouldn't say Elgin came out of it looking like a great worker but he looked incredible on offence and that was what made the match for me. All his moves looked destructful and on the money. Like I said the match was basically a really long finishing stretch but it was an entertaining one and when I was able to accept that's all it would be it was enjoyable because the work and the moves were great and everyone seemed excited about it which made me excited about it. Nigel's not a brilliant commentator but he doesn't need to be in his role. All he needs to get excited and get me excited and HE GOT EXCITED. Kelly sucks though and seemed bored/generic calling it. I don't think Davey was great or even good in this but he wasn't bad and didn't put me off the match which I guess counts as good for a Davey match in ROH right now. Dragon suplex off the top was nuts and looked awesome but if it's not going to be the finish then it should at least be to set up the finish. The scale of the spots should build to the biggest of the lot to finish the match but nothing after it came close to topping it. The suplex/powerbomb combo on the floor looked nuts too and should have been a big turning point into Elgin's control of the match but instead it was kinda just another spot that lead to just another near fall. It was a terrific spot though so I wasn't annoyed. Davey's lack of a credible finish or move really hurts him. I guess his finish is a kick to the head but he does so many of them it's not really a finish. If he'd got the ankle lock over as his finish then the ankle lock spots would have been great (see Angle in WWE) but instead it felt like just another move he pulled out. Loved Elgin selling it by trying to charge at Davey but his ankle giving way and that eventually leaving Elgin open for Davey to finish him off. Davey took a lot of punishment in this and I knew he was winning so I was really worried he'd just hit a few moves and Elgin would look weak because he Davey took way more in comparison but the finish worked really well to make Elgin look a strong loser as well as making Davey look like a strong champ. Glad it didn't go too long and Truth didn't get involved. Didn't think there were any long portions which dragged either and that's maybe where the match being a long finishing stretch actually helped them. Liked this a lot but I didn't think it was a legit MOTYC. Still probably be the best ROH match this year though using their style.


CM Punk vs Chris Jericho - WWE Championship - WrestleMania 28
This was really good and by far MOTN. I accidentally caught the start of Raw whilst I was channel hopping and saw Punk holding the belt so I knew the result but I was still able to really enjoy it so that says a lot for the match. Loved the start with them playing to the DQ stip and Jericho antagonising Punk into his trap. Shame that stip seemed like a last minute decision because they never played off it again but I really enjoyed the start because of it. Transitioned nicely into Jericho having control of the match too. That suplex spot looked great. I love that spot even more because the guy doing it doesn't take the fall too like stupid Indy guys do. Bump looked brutal but in a safe way. Finishing stretch with the counters was super and they worked that type of finish really well, plus it meant they could create tons of drama at the finish without kicking out of each others finishers and killing them. Loved the finish with Punk moving away so Jericho couldn't get out of the vice in the same way again.


Some NO's to stuff I watched that got brought up. Ki/Generico really let down, i.e every Ki match since he left WWE. Started off like a great match until it hit the floor and then it was every other match you've ever seen with Ki not giving Generico enough. Finlay/Callihan II and III both were decent but not great. Callihan's not very good at all in control of a match and he didn't get his face punched anywhere near enough in either match. That's what made their first match great and they lost it. Plus the finish to III really sucked. Big NO to Taker/HHH as well. Wrote this elsewhere.
I really didn't like Taker/HHH and there were parts that I really hated. I wasn't crazy about last years match but I thought the story was good even if the match as a whole wasn't super. This one felt like they were trying waaaaay too hard to have an epic classic. Thought Taker looked really bossy with the shaved head when he had that coat on. Then he looked more old than badass when he took the coat off. Can't remember anyone else saying this in here (I've only read this site's thoughts on the show btw) but I thought Taker looked really bad in this match. Really sluggish and old and I never thought I'd say that Taker's punches looked bad but they did. First 10 minutes were a killer. I'd gone about 40 hours with no sleep by the time I was watching this and I was constantly nodding off during the opening parts. Both men looked really old and like they shouldn't be working a long match with anyone, let alone each other. Spinebuster on the steps looked like a bitch to take. That and the SCM/Pedigree spots were the only moments of the match that made me take notice. Felt like they just went for so long and then at a random point they said let's do our epic finish. Felt really forced and way less natural than last year. I thought the execution of the story was poor too. Michaels as ref seemed all over the place. Could have done without him being all jolly during his entrance too. Killed some of the drama I thought. He was OTT but he was good in parts selling the match. I liked him curled up in the corner. I just had no idea what was going on with him though. First he was taking pitty on Taker, then he was angry with Hunter, then he tried to screw Taker and at the end they were all buddies and they hugged. THEY ALL HUGGED AT THE END. God I hated that so much. Came across as the biggest ego trip ever with the whole end of an era tagline. "We're better than all the current guys and we're going out by having the greatest match ever and putting each other ever because we rock". Cell was a useless stip and just felt more like they were trying too hard to have the greatest match ever with that and HBK as ref. They could have built the drama up around HBK being the ref way longer than they did but in the end he went off in every direction possible and none of them mattered. No idea why Charles Robinson had to come down and take a chokeslam from Taker. They did the angle on SD with Sheamus getting some stupid fine for kicking a ref but why didn't they care that Taker killed Robinson here? Did. Not. Like.
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