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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

HHH in 02-03, as mentioned was pretty bad. In 04 he was good, but nothing great. 05 was a little better than 04. This is taking ring and mic work into account by the way. Never thought he was as great a mic worker as people make him out. He's generally very good but in those years 90% of his promos legit put me to sleep, and even looking back on some of them I don't see what others see. Guess more power to others, but just to clarify I'm not calling him a bad mic worker by any means, but he just gets way to boring to listen to way too often for me personally to call him great.

As far as in ring work, 2000 he was exceptional. 2001 he was great as well. 2002 he was beyond terrible, 2003 he was just as bad if not worse, but 2004 he was alright again. First half of 2005 was the same as 04, but I'd say from when he returned in 05-when he reformed dx he was great again. 2008 I'd say was a very good year for him as an in ring worker as well.

As for WM, here's my ratings (starting with WM16):
16- ***1/2
17- ****
18- **3/4
19- ***1/2
20- ****1/2
21- **1/4
22- ***1/4
24- ***1/2
25- **
26- ***1/4
27- ***1/2
28- ****

So his WM resume isn't that impressive for me. However I'd say all (or most) his matches listed above for one reason or another are at least worth watching once.

I'm also sure I could name 20 ****+ HHH matches. I'll give it a shot (not including Mania matches listed above, and only singles matches):

vs. Foley RR00
vs. Foley NWO 00
vs. Rock Backlash 00
vs. Rock JD00
vs. Rock Summerslam 98
vs. Jericho FL00
vs. Benoit NM00
vs. Austin NWO01
vs. HBK Summerslam 02
vs. HBK Raw December 03
vs. Batista Vengeance 05
vs. Flair Taboo Tuesday 06
vs. Orton No Mercy 2007 LMS
vs. Cena Night of Champions 2008
vs. Jeff Hardy No Mercy 2008
vs. Cena before Bragging Rights (?) 09 (The one on Raw where HHH beat Cena)

... Off the top of my head for singles ****+ matches, that's all I can think of. With multiman matches added in these are included:

Elimination Chamber SS02
Elimination Chamber NYR05
SD EC 2009
vs. Benoit vs. HBK Backlash 04
vs. Cena vs. HBK SS09
vs. Edge vs. Cena Backlash 06

And there are more, but that makes 20+, so I'm good.

I'm watching you...

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