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re: Movie Villain Mafia - Day Four


After an eventful day full of accusations, bickering, and general nonsense, the townsfolk were wanting a noneventful night. What they wanted, and what they got, was entirely different.

IMPULSE was busy lurking his manor, examining his array of monitors. He decided to venture into his lab to check on his creations. He walked through the door, and was suddenly grasped around the throat by an invisible force. He struggled to breath, and screamed for his existence. The grip loosened, and IMP felt freed, but he was suddenly sliced in half by a light sabre. IMP dropped to the floor, dead.

Spoiler for IMPULSE:

Congratulations! You are Lex Luthor, Villain Aligned

You are the Inventor. On 3 nights during the game, you may send 3 inventions to other players. Invention 1 is an immunity crystal, which gives them lynch and night immunity for 1 day. Invention 2 is kryptonite, which they can use to roleblock someone of their choosing. Invention 3 is a veil of silence, which they can use to silence someone. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

HOL was riding around on his noble steed. He decided to do a routine check of the surroundings, and ventured towards remote woodland. He heard a peculiar chirping sound. He couldn't find where it was coming from. He also didn't see the red dot emerge on his head. A gunshot echoed out, and his helmet was no match for its power. HOL dropped from his horse, dead.

Spoiler for Hohenheim of Light:

Congratulations! You are The Black Knight, Villain Aligned

You are a Vanilla Townie. You don't have any special abilities, but you can still vote normally. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

A maniacal man, adorned in a purple suit, why, it was CamillePunk. He was busy trying to catch a lead on where the heroes were located. He came to a fork in the road, and went left. Poor guy, solice was to the right. Anyway, he kept along the path when a seductive woman approached him. "Why so serious?" he asked. She stared back, blankly, and then raised her right arm, which had morphed into a gun. CamillePunk was annihilated.

Spoiler for CamillePunk:

Congratulations! You are The Joker, Villain Aligned

You are the Investigator. Each night you may choose a player to learn their alignment. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Oh yeah, you were insane

dan_marino had seen what had happened. He decided to get back to town quick to let every know what had happened, but he was cut off by a group of strange looking people, who were all wearing hoods. Suddenly, one of the hooded characters brought forth a huge sword, and stabbed dan repeatedly. He crumbled and fell apart on that very spot.

Spoiler for dan_marino:

Congratulations! You are Megatron, Villain Aligned

You are the Watcher. Each night you may choose a player to watch, you will learn whether or not they were visited by someone at night but not what happened. You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

Alas, the bloodhsed did not end there. A young lady, LadyCroft, searching for her partner, entered the town bank. She knew what to do, and she wanted cash fast. Out came her gun, out went the orders, but splat when her body, crushed with an almighty force.

Spoiler for LadyCroft:

Congratulations! You are Bonnie, Villain Aligned
You are a mason, and you are tasked with finding your partner, Clyde. Once you have done this, you will earn yourself an ability.

Bloodshed. Lots of it. The town will awake to a very somber mood. Time will tell if they can recover or not.


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