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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

*New to the promotion, so kinda reviewing as I go here.

*Incredible impressed with your wrestling style right off the bat. Very good job of capturing both Michaels and Samoa Joe. The impending build between the two of them should be something special to see. Joe calling Shawn out on the contract clause as well was very well done, because it proves that Shawn really was out for himself when he screwed Van Dam at the PPV.

*The broadcast team of Styles and JBL is a very interesting one. Have you ever played off their real life issues before at the table, or do those not exist in the AOW world?

*Punk vs. Benjamin: I have no clue what the Hassan bounty is about, which is a danger of diving into a show fresh. I'll focus instead on the action...the feeling out process was well done, I really enjoy the use of a commercial break mid-match, as it adds to the realism of the match...not sure what Hagar and Nemeth's deal with the WGTT is, but I'd assume it has something to do with the AOW tag belts that Haas and Benjamin hold...love that finish with the counter of the Dragon Whip kick right into Punk's GTS for the pinfall. *** for the match. It gets hurt from going any higher due to the nature of the finish, with the involvement of the outside interference.

*Definitely dig the fact that you use the commentators after the match to put over the storyline purposes of everything happening. The problem I see is that if they are there for post match, why not consider having them call the match in the format you currently have already as well.

*Curious as to where that Hassan thing is going. I really enjoyed the Muhammad Hassan character, so I look forward to seeing how you use him in AOW.

*Short and sweet with Joe and RVD, and apparently those two are good pals, because this is the second time you've mentioned them together. First being when Joe mentioned RVD in his deal with Michaels earlier in the show.

*If I had to venture a guess, I'd say Carlito, but either way it's a good visual on the segment to hype whomever it is.

*Jericho and Lashley in the same stable. Jericho is my favorite wrestler, but I will openly admit to not liking Bobby Lashley, so we'll see how you play them off each other...will be interested to see how that conversation with Jericho will effect Ken Doane's career there.

*Enjoyed the next segment, and you really captured Jaime Noble well. The finish with Noble jumping Danielson from behind leading to the brawl, and then sorta save by Aero Star is a strong build for the triple threat next week

*Evans vs. Doane: Well, it's definitely a statement to Jericho that Doane was able to pin Evans inside of five minutes. And the shorter match makes sense since the first one went over twelve between Punk and Shelton. Not sure how I feel about Doane using a RKO as his finish, when he has probably the best guillotine leg-drop in pro wrestling. *1/2 for the match.

*Excellent hype video for the 2 hour supershow. Really impressed with your video package skills.

*Do like that way you hype your main event for the belt. Giving it the full on introduction sequence made the match seem that much more important, and as such, gives the reader more interest in continuing with such.

*Jericho vs. Van Dam: The match itself was good. The issues I take are the overbooking on the finish. I am off the belief that it's best to keep a champ strong in what will be the final match against a challenger with him retaining. I get that Jericho is a heel, and thus more inclined to take a cowardly way out, but it still leaves a bad taste in one's month when the final part of a feud is someone going over unclean. The match itself was golden was before that though. We'll call it ****

Enjoyed my first visit into your fed, and need to catch up on some of the backstory to understood why everyone is with who they are. You have a really strong roster, and some very interesting storylines, not to mention, I really enjoy your writing that. Almost RP fed like. Once I get to know the characters better, I'm sure everything will make more sense of what everyone is

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