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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Yearly 16 Carat greatness

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Jon Ryan - Day 1
Thought their match at Ambition 2 last year was better but this was still really good and Zack's always able to get the type of level of match out of Ryan that nobody else in wXw seems to be able to including Finlay and Nigel. Some great teased finishes at the end and a really great finish.


Daisuke Sekimoto & Freddy Stahl vs Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker - Day 1
Started off slow and uneventful but got better and better throughout until it finally ended up being a great Strong BJ esque tag. Stahl's just a little young kid so naturally he takes a great beating from the 2 fatty Europeans. He plays a good babyface getting his ass kicked though and has some great hope and comeback spots too. The Sekimoto/Walter exchanges build really nicely to their title match. Dreissker looked super in this too.


Ricky Marvin vs Tommy End - Day 2
Loads better than anyone would ever think this would be and ended up being one of the best matches of the weekend imo. Really great cruiserweight style and Tommy stepped his game up in a big way to the level of Marvin so he could really go at it with him and not look out of place. Great finish to top it off as well.


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Yoshihito Sasaki - Day 2
Great little sprint going around 10 minutes. Plenty of great strikes and you're know you're getting strong strikes with these 2. Finish was a bit rough but that was the only sour point on a bossy little sprint.


Big Van Walter vs Daisuke Sekimoto - Day 2
The best of their 3 wXW matches for me. Sekimoto's really great on the rare chance he gets to work from behind and sell and he continues that trend here. His back selling and general long term selling of a war is great. Walter's improved leaps and bounds in the last year and his strikes are really vicious since he came back from his BJW tour last year. Sekimoto hits really hard too in case you didn't realise too and they really tear into each other with their strikes. Well structured with a great finishing stretch too. Preferred Daisuke's match with Suwama but this is great in it's own right.


Finlay vs Johnny Kidd - Day 3
Thankfully Finlay's 16 Carat didn't end up being a total letdown thanks to this. The Callihan match on Day 1 was a let down and the Moss match on Day 2 was bad, plus they passed up the chance to put Finlay with Generico, Sabre, Sekimoto and Sasaki. Finlay and Kidd could realisticly wrestle this match anywhere so I felt a bit sour at first when I saw this was Finlay's 3rd match and he wasn't facing any of the special guests who he'd be unlikely to have the chance to work with again. Nevertheless though this ended up being for me Finlay's best match since his release along with the Steen match. World of Sport rules and these guys know how to work that british style and it's sublime. Matwork is naturally fantastic and tons of fun and they structure it really well leading to the finish. Finlay dances and sells the head shot from Day 2 by going under the ring to look for Hornswoggle. That should be enough to sell you on any match let alone the fact that Finlay and Kidd work a lengthy mat based match that was brilliant.


Big Van Walter, Daisuke Sekimoto, 2-Face & Kim Ray vs Axeman, Yoshihito Sasaki, Karsten Beck & Robert Dreissker - 8 Man Elimination Tag - Day 3
When I got to Day 3 and looked at the card and saw the BJW guys were in this match I was initially super pissed because it seemed like a super waste on paper but it ended up being my favourite match of the weekend. First off it's elimination rules and it gets plenty of time to tell enough stories and add plenty of layers to the match. The Walter/Sekimoto teaming together dynamic was really great from them starting off taking cheap shots at each other, to one upping each other and then eventually forming the mega powers of doom to finish off Axeman. Karsten Beck is one of the best characters on the Indies right now and someone in America needs to pick him up so we get more of him. The Walter/Beck segment rocked even if meant no macarena on Day 3 (yes Karsten Beck does the macarena when he wins a match~!). Walter making an example of his own partner and destroying Dreissker to put himself over yet again was great. Gets down to Walter and Sekimoto vs Axeman and Sasaki and then becomes a really great 2 on 2 tag match. Axeman play Shinobu for one night only which means Sasaki gets to beat him up despite being partners. Axeman takes a really great beating from the Mega Powers duo and when Sasaki gets eliminated and it becomes 2 on 1 Axeman was a great babyface hero refusing to die and even teasing pinning one of the Mega Powers. Wouldn't have looked at all out of place on a BJW card.


LDRS Of The New School vs Ricky Marvin & Emil Sitoci - Day 3
You could tell they were trying to recreate the LDRS/FS match from last year and it just wasn't possible against Marvin and Sitoci. It was still a really good tag match in it's own right. Marvin decided he hated Scurll and built superbly to them two killing each other later in the match but it never really happened due to Scurll not really brining the same intensity when he was in the ring. Far less overkill of any kind at the which helped them in this scenario.


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