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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

A cold, hard opening like this one always gives an important feel and the statement from Heyman was simple and emphatic. Big call, I like it.

Triple threats usually see a two on one beat down occur but itís usually two heels doing that dirty work so I was surprised to see Danielson and Star teaming up from the get go. Some nice stuff from them though, the monkey flip into a dropkick was nicely executed. That soon evaporated though and rightfully so, I think everyone would wanna see Danielson and Star go at it. I liked the fact you had Noble work on the eye of Danielson, taking the opportunity to do some damage, Starís more flashy than that so nice to see Noble actually work on a weak spot. Enjoyed the surfboard stretch from Danielson followed up with the Dragon Sleeper from Noble, can picture that pretty nicely there. Star was a bit too quick I think to recover though and hit the Shooting Star, just my opinion though. The exchanges following that from Star and Danielson were sweet, counter after counter, pinfall after pinfall, nice fast back and forth stuff. Wow, the pace really upped here, I thought Noble had this thing won with the Tiger Driver but then Star from nowhere and I genuinely thought he had it won there, itís great you can make me believe anyone can win like that. Danielson finally pulls through though and looks very strong coming out of this. Noble and Star look real threats as well and on another night couldíve taken home the gold. Excellent contest here to kick off the show.

Wow, this was a whole different side to RVD here. Iíll be honest and say that I donít know how I feel about it. I like that Van Damís got a bit of character progression here but at the same time Iím a little hesitant, I donít know why. Maybe, itís a little too close to Christianís crazy, lost the plot character. Iíll give it another couple of shows before I form a full on opinion but it could be a real positive for Van Dam, no doubt. You have me interested.

Pretty standard Jericho promo here. Think this was more done so he got on the show, rather than being totally necessary. The whole giving thanks for him was a nice little touch and I really hope his quest to get rid of Foley keeps up, that line at the end seemed to be pretty focused upon it.

Thereís some big names in this thing and a lot of them have been built up very well thus far so I guess it was no surprise Doane went first BUT it is a little disappointing considering he has just come off a big win and looked as though a little push was coming his way. Nicely handled with the next eliminations, Hagar and Nameth getting involved makes a whole world of sense and allows Shelton and Charlie to not look too bad in elimination. Iím sure that Joe and Finlay are done with each other but allowing them one more moment would be a sight to see so glad they got that here. Punk and Hassan has been the best story throughout this match, theyíve constantly just been focused on one another and these eliminations were just as should be, as well as the attack afterwards from Hassan. Iím really enjoying these two going at each other and this just adds to it now, good job.

Kendrick and London Iím a little surprised lasted so long but the Mercs look good here for taking these two out of things. Once Kendrick went, London was always right behind. Wow, Lashley goes!! I thought for sure heíd make the final four, huge call there but the elimination was done in a good way, using Jericho as should be. Albright then going didnít surprise me, was always gonna be him or Burchill, a nice rub however for Burchill getting to the final four. Allows him an opportunity to shine here.

I didnít like how you had Joe and Finlay going after each other here. I liked the little moment in the Battle Royal but I wouldíve kept them apart at the off anyway here, maybe a little interaction at some stage further into it but going straight at one another wasnít for me. Loved what went down before the commercials with Joe tossing Burchill to the outside before taking out all four men, good way of heading into the break. The Rear Naked Choke from Joe had me thinking Michaels was gonna tap but great resolve from the Showstopper to hang in there. Holy shit, major impact by Lashley, this was what I expected him in the final four for, to take out Joe but I guess this works as well, huge, huge impact. And HBK from out of nowhere takes it home!! Major victory for HBK here and absolutely the right call, that one last chance at survival now for the Showstopper and I think you handled things almost perfectly here with the Fatal 4 Way, from Lashleyís arrival to allowing Burchill to stand a fighting shot, to Michaels finally getting the win in a hell of a main event. Sweet Chin Music to Jericho to put the icing on the cake was a fitting way to end the show.

Really enjoyable show here mate. Obviously it wasnít the best in terms of promos and all the storylines advancing LOADS but the action was absolutely fantastic and a lot of the angles through the matches progressed nicely, Punk/Hassan for example, as well as WGTT/American Made whilst HBK/Jericho can now resume. Great job and looking forward to next weeks show

P.S- Thanks for the Bash feedback, appreciated
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