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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Time to play the game hits as triple H comes out to an massive boos as he comes out to the stage in usual leather jacket and blue jeans as he looks at the crowd with determination, he walks down to the ring with a purpose as he climbs onto the apron looks around takes a sip of his water and spits in the air, and climbs through the ropes and grabs a microphone

Triple H: This past week on raw i lost to CM Punk, and this sunday i will be facing him for the WWE championship, i want you all to witness this sunday the destruction of CM Punk, i am the franchise player, the man, the icon, the game Triple H, i have beaten every single person in this bussiness, CM Punk will be no different, i will make sure of it.

Crowd boos as triple H smirks and laughs

As for monday night 6 man tag team match, hell i dont need three people to beat these guys, firstly you have the rock, the peoples champion, mr hollywood himself, let me tell you something rock when you raise your little eyebrow and think its impresses me your damn wrong, i have a little trick also its called the sledgehammer and i only hope i can use it on you one day, then you have some Batista wanna be, face it jack your not even in my league, your some muscle bound no charimsa, no talent washout, who not even has been since hes a nobody. Finally the man himself CM Punk, the straight edge superstar, im glad your straight Punk, but it doesnt matter if you dont drink or do drugs, you will still get your ass kicked, and when your begging for me to stop and bleeding of the last inch of your life i will be standing as the New WWE Champion because im that damn good and if you dont like it thats too damn bad.
Crowd boos as triple H drops the microphone and laugh as the camera fades to back

Olympic hits as Kurt Angle comes out to you suck chants from the crowd as he comes out wearing his olympic gear as he doesnt smile, or do his regular entrance as he comes storming to the ring looking angry as hell he rolls in to the ring and demands a microphone

Kurt Angle: Let me tell you all something i do not suck, i am an olympic gold medalist, im an ass kicker, and this sunday i will be your next world heavyweight champion, you can boo me, i dont care anymore, i never even liked any of you in the first place, i used you all for fame, and now im one of the, no i am the best wrestler in this bussiness, and unlucky for edge he gets to find out why i am the death machine, thats right i am calling myself the death machine, i will not quit till i break you down edge and break your ankle, i will make you scream i tap, and i will enjoy all of it, you see edge we have history, you shaving my head, you making this you suck chant, but every time edge i have deafted you when it counts most and it will be the same as you say edge bank on it oh its true its damn true.

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