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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Raw Feedback

Your Punk work is usually decent but I didnít enjoy this to be honest with you. It was just a little awkward, the Bullshit line, fair enough you can lose your temper the once but then the line of ĎIím still here bitchí was just completely off. The Laurinaitis thing with the phone and young children as well was a bit too much, remember itís PG lol. I know thatís the kinda thing Punk may insinuate but heíd never come out and say it that bluntly. Miz coming out was nicely timed though and what he had to say was right on the money.

As for the match it was a decent back and forth contest. R-Truth getting involved was no surprise though I didnít expect Kofi. Laurinaitis was always going to get involved somehow but I didnít expect just a little wave to get Punkís attention like that. A big win for Miz here however and nice to see him gain some momentum.

Interesting exchange between Ziggler and McIntyre. After last week I kind of expected it to be left at that but glad to see Drew Mac is persistent in this thing.

Before I comment on the match, you made one little mistake on commentary when you said ĎWe just heard from Rey Mysterioí, not sure if that was a typo or not. The match itself wasnít much of a spectacle due to the DQ and it was nice to see McIntyre show up but I think he shouldíve done it through helping Ziggler out rather than costing him. Ahhhh, the aftermath shows Zigglerís frustration which is pleasing to see as Iíve no doubts thatís not the impact McIntyre wanted to make. Good to see Rey come on down but there was no real need for him was there? Unless Ziggles and Drew Mac were tearing into Riley, what use was Rey here?

Comfortable stuff from Swagger as expected and the nice showing of intensity after was good stuff. A heated midcard feud is rare nowadays so pleasing to see this one between Swagger and Ryder is getting pretty intense.

Hmmm, interesting between Hunter and Funkman. Announcement will hopefully be big but Iím starting to wonder just what the next move between these two will be as Iím sure a feud is inevitable but itís just when the first move is made.

Standard divas match here.

Ryder showing up late for work, tut tut. Good to see him frustrated at what went down though.

Good stuff from Cena here, probably the best in terms of character on the night thus far, should be a good match later.

Mic time for the Tag Champs? Thatís how you know this isnít really Monday Night Raw! Pleased to see Otunga and McGillicutty get a chance to express their frustrations and using them with Lawler isnít a bad idea at all. The boring stuff could be harmful, however I do get why youíre going with that and the match next week should be a good chance to give Otunga a strong win.

Strong showing here from Del Rio and Cena a really big, much needed victory for ADR. This does a whole lot more for him than it does for Cena, good decision and the use of the lead pipe once more was a good call. The little line at the end after Cenaís earlier interruption would no doubt gain heat also so smart tactic there.

Was certainly an interesting end to the show. In my opinion it wasnít BIG enough to close the show, I think Del Rio-Cena wouldíve been better suited. The announcementís fine by me, Laurinaitis as GM is a good call and will only further his feud with both Trips and Punk. One thing Iím not too sure on is why Trips is getting so pissed off and why Laurinaitis believes heís now got one over on Trips, yes heís the GM but Triple H is still higher rank than him, heís still in a higher position within the company so surely Triple H CAN over rule his decisions? Only confusing bit on my part. The Laurinaitis era beginning though is exciting and I look forward to seeing what you have in store.

On the whole this was a decent show but not your best Raw. Wouldíve liked to see more of Punk, we never heard from him following what happened in the opener. Del Rio and Cena was nicely worked tonight and Laurinaitis as GM is a big move. Iím sure things will no doubt pick up next week with Night of Champions right around the corner, looking forward to it, keep going.
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