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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Alright, another comment-as-I-read review starting... NOW!

I get the vibe that Heyman is going to be a heel very soon. The way he went about the announcement at the beginning seemed very... weasel-ish to me, to be perfectly honest. I can't say I'm a huge fan of this, but I have a feeling that there's a bigger plan for everything, or that RVD will be on his way out soon (I can't see RVD being in AOW for long if he's not allowed in the title picture), so it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

I'm shocked that you had the Cruiserweight title match as your opener, but it was a hell of a way to kick off the show! All three men looked very strong in the match, and at the end of the day (Unlike at Mania), the right guy walked away with the belt. No offense to Star, Gibson or the way you've booked either man, but neither of them are at the level where they can carry the division like Danielson does, so keeping the belt on him was a great move on your part, bud!

I think it's a general rule of thumb that all authors have their specialty, and it would seem that your specialty is that broken character, the one who has lost it all and allows himself to slip mentally because of it. First Christian, now RVD. While I can't help but make the similarity, which some people view as a negative thing, I'm actually a lot more interested in RVD now than I ever was, because I'm hoping for another brilliant spark like the one you had with Christian... maybe we'll get to see Christian's return through this? Interested in seeing where this goes!

I kind of feel that the Jericho segment was filler. He didn't say anything particularly new or insightful, it didn't particularly build toward anything... I feel as if the show wouldn't lose anything if it wasn't there. Nothing wrong with filler, I'm just saying.

Lucky 13... I was hoping you'd do another one soon, though right off the bat, I have a bit of an issue- Doane being eliminated so soon. You took two steps forward with his win last week (Or was that a few weeks ago? Or am I mixing up BTB's... I don't think it's that), but having him get eliminated so soon was a pretty big step back. Just my opinion, though. I feel a little cheated that Haas and Benjamin were eliminated at the same time, but considering who eliminated them... I can only assume it's leading to bigger things. While I like the Punk-Hassan bit, and REALLY love how HBK took advantage of it, showing how desperate he is, I'm confused as to why Hassan didn't get his briefcase back. Did Punk not bring it, and I missed that? If that's not the case, it feels really strange that Hassan had the chance to get what he's wanted so badly back, but didn't take the opportunity! Again, I have a feeling that the Hooliganz's elimination situation is, like the WGTT, leading to bigger things. Michaels eliminating Lashley makes sense, kind of shocked Albright lasted so long, and we're on to the final four!

First off, having Joe and Finlay in the bout... I'm kind of hoping this is the blow off between them. As anti-climactic as it would be, I honestly feel like their feud has run it's course. Also, Burchill being in the final four is a very welcome surprise! I've always loved Burchill's work, so it's nice seeing him kind of get this kind of rub. Now, having Michaels win, despite Lashley's interference, was a little predictable, but still welcome. While I do kind of want to see someone other than Jericho, HBK and RVD in the main event picture, this was the natural place for the title picture to go, considering HBK's situation.

All in all, you did everything pretty well. While there are some things I wish you would have done differently, I enjoyed the show overall, and that's all that matters, right? Looking forward to see where you're going from here, though I do have to say I'd kind of like to see some new blood get thrown in the mix soon. The only division to really get an influx of new talent since the start of AOW, other than Aero, is the tag team division. I wouldn't mind seeing a few new fresh faces. I know you have someone coming in (I want to say that it's Carlito, but I don't know), which will be VERY welcome from me, but I'd like to see even one or two more people debut, or see someone make a return, especially in regards to the main event scene. That said, as always, I trust your direction more than I trust my opinion.
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