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Re: Dean Ambrose confronts Mick Foley at WrestleMania Hotel

Originally Posted by DetroitRiverPhx View Post
Ambrose needs to up his game - Foley is carrying this right now. Both with pointing to the TNA vid and then laughing at Ambrose for completely missing the point and thinking it was about holding down young guys. And then more recently with that blog about not trusting Ambrose because he brought up his kids.

Ambrose needs to cut a video promo on Foley or something. His tweeting about a blind wife isn't carrying his side of this feud.
Ambrose's point in this feud is not that foley is holding down young guys, the majority of ambrose's tweets and the original confrontation are about how ambrose and his generation have been trying to outdo foley's original exploits. Ambrose came from CZW (Jon Moxley) and he wrestled in deathmatches and various violent and hardcore matches.

Ambrose has nerve damage and scars on his back from these matches and he is angry at foley for ruining the careers of aspiring wrestlers and for the personal pain he has been put through by trying to outdo foley's legacy. Be more hardcore than the hardcore legend. He calls his generation the lost generation.

He blames foley for making the hardcore wrestling style famous and something to aspire to. Ambrose is kinda emulating Foley's Anti Hardcore gimmick in ECW when he was Cactus Jack.

What i'm hoping this feud leads to is foley snapping and bringing back cactus jack to rid himself of ambrose after a long feud. This is the best feud in the wwe and it's not on television. Foley putting ambrose over in a hardcore match....(summerslam would be the best place) would make him an instant star.

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