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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Cena/Tensai was actually getting talked about as a good match and definitely evidence that they have a very good/great match in them. Tensai is a difficult character really, on the one hand its a very over the top and traditional wrestling character and Bernard is great in the ring to work these squashes like a champ and could have a really great monster run (I'd love him to face Punk at the June/July PPV for example)but at the same time I worry its too much of a throwback to the gimmick era for it to get over. I mean I could see Giant Bernard from NJPW getting over fine in America as a surly asskicker, Tensai will be fun to watch in the ring and could work some great matches but I'm not sold yet on it being a long term character for him to benefit from.

As for WWE, I've always been able since 2009 to just watch the good TV matches and occasional quality PPV bout to put up with some of the booking/creative shit they force on us, but there does seem to be something really good about the product atm. Tensai, Brodus and Ryback are good potential monster characters, Henry and Bryan are the two best heels in the company, Lesnar/Cena has been wonderful and good serve for actual character development for Cena and Punk is doing great as the ace champion with Henry and Jericho being his two main adversaries so far. Undercard needs developing and expanding but Santino/Brodus v Ziggler/Swagger could be ridiculously fun. And screw it, Otunga may not amount to anything in ring wise but he's a great character to play off of Big Johnny.
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