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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Gonna watch Henry/Punk asap, just touching on the best promotion to watch debate, atm WWE and its style are largely the best sort of matches for me to sit through. I think their TV formula for the most part is really nailed down as evidenced by Smackdown and Superstars in particular since 2009 and the likes of Punk, Bryan, Henry, Mysterio, Christian, Drew, Cena, Masters, Bourne, Usos, Barreta etc really have a nice settled formula which has resulted in a variety of junior sprints, good heavyweight matches and some really great matches built around limb selling and building to the babyface comeback. I really dig the STF approach in WWE tags, though time constraints usually means we don't get many great tags this more unless they're on house shows or dark matches but Epico/Primo have still had some fun matches in their largely irrelevant reign.

Its not by any means a perfect style and is incredibly easy in dividing opinion when it comes to the pinnacle of WWE Main Event wrestling, i.e Punk/Cena, Taker/HHH, Flair/HBK, HHH/Taker etc. The choreographed babyface comeback spell where the heel has to bump repeatedly and barely sell the babyface's offence can be really annoying when some of the offence is terrible or looks too choreographed and formulaic, but for the large part there's very little WWE matches where I can be annoyed by aimless strike exchanges, poor character work, overkill territory in regards to multiple finishers with little creativity in set up (I acknowledge HHH/Taker was an exception here before anyone points it out) which is something that infuriates me in quite a few Puro and Indy matches and is why I'm really only a fan of a few workers who break that norm in those styles of wrestling such as a Yuki Ishikawa or Finlay.
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