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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Can't say I'm the biggest fan of HHH/HBK Summerslam 2002 after the last watch. Main issue I have is how the first half and second half are just so disjointed in regards to the story, first half has HHH employing a meticulous workover of the back and the theme being 'does HBK still 'it' or is washed up and over the hill?'. Then somewhere in the second half they're using ladders and tables and its an all out brawl and HBK goes from being this underdog striving to prove he is still the better man into a psycho trying to murder HHH.

I dunno, it felt like the beginning and end of a feud in one match. The first half established a clear comeback story and had you invested on whether HBK could win against a guy claiming to have surpassed him, the post match sledgehammer assault would be the perfect set up for a rematch down the line in which they pulled out the ladders, tables and brawling element. As two separate matches they could been very good but I just wasn't feeling the combination into 1 match. I understand HHH smashing HBK's face into the glass gives a reason for the match to be heated, but I'd have rather they did a match entirely based around brawling, or didn't run that angle and instead built it as a singles match based around HBK trying to prove to the world he wasn't over the hill.

The nip up spot is also something I can totally see annoying people who adore limbwork and don't like when its ends up being pointless down the finishing stretch, ironically enough I didn't hate it nearly as much here as I bought it as HBK fighting through the pain and self doubt to once again channel his inner magic and win one of the most important matches in his life. It doesn't make me love the match any more (since the blowoff of the earlier work does irk me) but I can at least find a compelling reason for the spot instead of some other matches where the nip up spot has really taken me out of a match (see the Jericho Wrestlemania 19 match).
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