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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

* Electrifying plays*
Rock:Alberto del Rio just let me tell you that your in for an ass kicking tonight like only The Rock can dish out.Your shiny cars and greasy Dracula rip off ring announcer won't be able to save you because he is banned from ringside.Now The Rock is going to get all your fancy ass cars,your wet towel boy towel,and your greasy ring announcer,shine it up real nice,turn the son of a bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass.If ya smell what the rock is cookin.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________
*Cult of Personality plays*
Punk:Triple H last week when you attacked me you made a mistake.Now I am going to kick your ass twice as hard and I am going to make sure that everyone sees what a fake you are while I do it.Not only are you a suit wearing ass clown but you are also a backstabbing wuss.The only reason you had this title shot anyways is because Vince sucks your cock just as much as your wife does.At Extreme Rules your bitches the Mcmahons aren't going to be their to shine your dick everytime it gets a speck of dirt on it and protect you from me.No it's just going to be you and me in that ring just how it should be.
(Was that too "un-pg".)

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

^Read this or
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