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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
Watched Finlay vs. Sami and man this match was a let down. No drama, random stiffness, near falls that were quite anti-climatic, and the finish felt like things were going in the right direction but ended up actually being the finish. *** at best. Might be even lower considering how bored I was and how utterly fucking confusing the face in perils comebacks were as well as the on and off leg work. Oh and Sami's attempts at being deviant came across as forced. Even Lenny seemed bored.

I'll go into further detail later but the HIAC and Richards/Elgins I gave the border ratings(****3/4).
Really? How were the near-falls anti-climactic? How is stiffness random? Especially when the whole match was stiff? How is there no drama in a match where the resilient youngster that has no respect tries to take the torch by force from the grizzled veteran, but the veteran is too smart for him? I will take this "drama" over the Hell in a Cell B-Movie bad acting + dialogue "drama" any day of the week.
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