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Re: WRESTLEMANIA 29 - Anyone planning on going??

Originally Posted by psx71 View Post
Maybe I'll skip the 4 day and just get the 3 day Silver Package. An additional $250 for just one day in the hotel and a RAW Ticket is kinda over the top.
It sort of seems that way at first blush but in my eyes, I think $250 for another night in the hotel and great (trust me) Raw tickets is well worth it. Remember, the hotel they book you into is a place that is most likely going to be costing around at least $180 a night at the time you're staying in it; throw floor-level or the very first 100s section arena seating on top of that, and the inherent comfort of getting to stay in the same hotel and not have to move to some other place that night, and it's all well worth it to me. I've been to three straight Wrestlemanias and their subsequent Raw telecasts, and I can say that Raw the next night is an experience unto itself. Just naming three individual closing segments from those Raws, I've seen Shawn Michaels give his farewell address, The Rock and John Cena challenge one another to the match a year out and Brock Lesnar returning to F5 Cena. Anyway, just some perspective from me on it. (I should note that I didn't go the package route for Wrestlemania XXVI, booked separately for everything but nevertheless...)

Originally Posted by paqman View Post
I'm really on the fence with this one. As much as I loved going to Miami (I live in South Carolina), I just went for the experience + it was closer than previous Mania's. Being there live is awesome, but I don't think I'll miss out on too much if I order the PPV next year. And with it being outside again, I'd be cautious of whatever truss they have on the corners of the ring to hang up lighting. The damn palm trees from this year's completely fucked with people's view. I was in the 100 level seating (which aren't bad seats by any means), but I got a corner section (122) and was stuck staring at the fucking palm tree all night. I was looking at the jumbo tron all night thinking "you know, I could have had a much better view of this at home for a $9 stream" lmao.
That sucks. I'll always remember my experiencing buying tickets for Wrestlemania XXVI on Ticketmaster the morning they went on sale. I first nearly purchased tickets for the very corner section of the 200s, 222. I wanted to get just a tad closer to the ring, though, so I tried again and I landed on 220. I took them. At the event, months later, I was so happy that I had done this. If I had gone with 222, I would have been looking straight at the support truss for their anti-rain structure throughout the whole show. I would not have been pleased with that at all.

Originally Posted by psx71 View Post
RAW and The Hall Of Fame just HAVE to be in MSG. It'd be insulting if they didn't while having a Mania in that area. Moreover, I'll be there for next year, and it's honestly been one of my dreams to watch a show at Madison Square Garden live.

Can you imagine the Hall Of Fame being there? The HOF is emotional each an every year but being at MSG will be a whole different other level.
I agree. Regardless of what Jim Ross "understands" for next year, I'm hoping the Hall of Fame and Raw are both at Madison Square Garden next year. They truly ought to be. It is the Mecca of WWE. You're guaranteed an incredible crowd. And I personally would much rather stay in Manhattan somewhere rather than New Jersey. It would seem WWE would be setting itself up for scorn from its fans based on its ads for Wrestlemania being so New York City-centric should they have people stay in New Jersey with all of the events there. No offense to New Jersey but I'd love to experience NYC, the MOMA, Times Square, etceteras, etceteras. Also never been to Madison Square Garden and it would be kind of incongruous and mildly upsetting were they to hold all of these events right there with Madison Square Garden only a short drive away and not go into that wonderful and historic venue.

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