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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

For any UK members interested I am selling off my entire TNA DVD collection, details in the spoiler

Spoiler for Collection Sale:

Here for sale is a near complete TNA Masters collection 108 DVDs in total. Many of the PPVs are brand new and still sealed. Includes the the very rare 3 Live Kru DVD.

Asking 400 ONO inc Shipping for the whole collection that's less than 3 a DVD several of which go for 50 plus elsewhere.

Only DVDs missing from this collection are
Best of Bloodiest Brawls
The Ultimate X Collection
Knocked Out
No Surrender 2005
Against All Odds 2007
PPVs released after HardCORE Justice/No Surrender 2011

Full list of whats on offer.

Victory Road 2004
Turning Point 2004
Final Resolution 2005
Against All Odds 2005 (Sealed)
Destination X 2005 (Sealed)
Lockdown 2005
Hard Justice 2005
Slammiversary 2005 (Sealed)
Sacrifice 2005 (Sealed)
Unbreakable 2005 (Sealed)
Bound For Glory 2005 (Sealed)
Genesis 2005 (Sealed)
Turning Point 2005 (Sealed)
Final Resolution 2006 (Sealed)
Against All Odds 2006
Destination X 2006 (Sealed)
Lockdown 06
Sacrifice 2006 (Sealed)
Slammiversary 06
Victory Road 2006
Hard Justice 2006
No Surrender 2006 (Sealed)
Bound For Glory 2006
Genesis 2006 (Sealed)
Turning Point 2006 (Sealed)
Final Resolution 2007 (Sealed)
Destination X 2007 (Sealed)
Lockdown 2007 (Sealed)
Sacrifice 2007
Slammiversary 2007 (Sealed)
Victory Road 2007 (Sealed)
Hard Justice 2007 (Sealed)
No Surrender 2007 (Sealed)
Bound For Glory 2007 (Sealed)
Genesis 2007 (Sealed)
Turning Point 2007 (Sealed)
Final Resolution 2008 (Sealed)
Against All Odds 2008 (Sealed)
Destination X 2008 (Sealed)
Lockdown 2008 (Sealed)
Sacrifice 2008 (Sealed)
Slammiversary 2008 (Sealed)
Victory Road 2008
Hard Justice 2008
No Surrender 2008
Bound For Glory IV (Sealed)
Cross The Line Triple Pack 2.0 (Turning Point 08, Final Resolution 08, Genesis 09)
Against All Odds 2009 (Sealed)
Destination X 2009
Lockdown 2009 (Sealed)
Sacrifice 2009 (Sealed)
Slammiversary 2009 (Sealed)
Victory Road 09
Hard Justice 2009 (Sealed)
No Surrender 2009
Bound For Glory 09
Turning Point 09
Final Resolution 09
Genesis 2010
Against All Odds 2010
Destination X 2010
Lockdown 2010
Sacrifice 2010
Victory Road 2010
No Surrender 2010
Hardcore Justice 2010
Bound For Glory 2010
Turning Point 2010/Final Resolution 2010
Genesis 2011
TNA Twin Pack Vol. 3 - Against All Odds 2011/Victory Road 2011
Lockdown 2011
TNA Twin Pack Vol. 4 - Sacrifice 2011 & Slammiversary 2011
Destination X 2011
HardCORE Justice/No Surrender 2011 Twin Pack
Best of the Bloodiest Brawls: Scars and Stitches
Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain Autographed By Jeff Jarrett
Ultimate Matches
Best of 2007
50 Greatest Moments Autographed By Gail Kim & Rhyno
Year 1 Autographed By JB & One Other
Second To None: Best of the TNA Tag Teams
Kurt Angle: Champion
World X Cup 2008
Best of 3 Live Kru
Best Of AJ Styles vol. 1
Best of AJ Styles vol. 2: Phenomonal
Best of Samoa Joe: Unstoppable
Christopher Daniels: Heaven Sent: Hell Bound
Best Of The NWA-TNA Title Matches
Best Of The NWA-TNA X Division Matches Autographed by AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Petey Williams & 2 Others
Best Of The X Division vol. 1
Best Of The X Division vol. 2
Best Of The Tag Teams vol. 1
Sting: Return of an Icon
Raven: Nevermore
Jeff Hardy: Enigma
Abyss: Doomsday
Bloodiest Brawls vol. 1
Christian Cage: Instant Classic
Global Impact
Best Of 2009
Beer Money/MCMG
Best of the Asylum Years Vol. 1
TNA Wrestling's Greatest Moments
Mick Foley - Hardcore Legend
TNA Immortal Forever?
Enigma - The Best Of Jeff Hardy Volume 2

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