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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Yeah, I know its late. Sryz about that.

619s Feedback for cp's Great American Bash

Opening video package did its job, but nothing to really write home about, so kudos there I suppose. Lol at Jordan getting heat as he comes to the ring, would be X-Pac heat if I could hear it now. Very nice back and forth action in the opening few moments of this match, and great to show the real displeasure in each manís eyes in all the clubbing and clobbering they do. The missed big elbow is a good momentum changing spot, nice use of it here. There wasnít really any doubt that Hardy would get the win, but the use of the exposed turnbuckle most almost certainly be grounds for a rematch on Jordanís part, even if he already has his rematch clause. Never been an OJ fan, but it doesnít look good for him from here on out. Hardy on the other hand will probably have Carlito or something on his hands. But big win for the elder Hardy brother here.

Nice SummerSlam poster btw.

Strong statement from Orton here, although I thought he seemed a bit whiney at the beginning, but thatís just me. Loved the arrogance of his Legend Killer persona moreso than what heís doing nowadays, so good shot on making all that shine through.

Wow, kind of surprised this one got the time that it did, even longer than the opener. But still, Masters gets the well-earned win here after having to take the Mexicools piss for weeks on end. Juvi looked the best out of everyone here I thought, and surprisingly, Masters didnít get a whole lot in like I thought he would. Of course he gets the finish, but was just surprised he didnít get more blows in there. This should lift Masters to do something Iím sure, while probably the Pits stay and feud with the Mexicools. Decent match overall, but very good (and unchaotic) 6-man tag.

@ JBL condemning Jordon. Almost sounded like a plantation owner scolding a slave. Random racial thoughts aside, JBL was pretty spot on here, and you captured his hammy-but-serious nature pretty well.

No surprise Carlito dips out really quickly in this one, but holy hell, a Gore like two minutes into the match?? I think you couldíve found an impactful move without using a finisher there. On top of that, you had ĎLito show almost no effects of getting hit with a massive finisher, rolling up Rhyno not too long afterwards and even having an advantage over not just one, but both men. Thatís pushing it a bit much for me. After a finisher, even a finisher kickout, a guy shouldnít have that much steam in him to dominate both guys for a while. Again, a little bit of finisher spamming with Carlito hitting the Backstabber, with Rhyno rolling out of the ring no less, yet suddenly having it in him to break up Bookerís count. Adrenaline can do a lot for a guy, but that was a bit ridiculous. No surprise to see Carlito get away with the win by weaseling on out of everything, but I expected a good bit more interactions between Booker and Rhyno than we did, but maybe thatís being held off on as the feud potentially progresses.

A tad disappointed that Hurricane didnít leave by pretending to fly away, but nonetheless, a bit of an odd segment between the two. Not entirely sure what to think because Hurricane was a pretty well established guy in 2005 that was always very much over, so I donít think heís had many doubters. Sure, not many people took him all that seriously, but he was still a guy you wouldnít mess with.

Angle sounded very focused here, though I didnít like him talking about Orton or JBL and would have rather him just been completely honed in on Cena to emphasize the aggressiveness he showed in the take-home.

Hereís the match I was looking forward to the most. Nice to see Van Dam and Mysterioís demeanors being completely focused, really needed that element. Great exchange between Nitro and Van Dam at that one point, really showcasing both men in that spot. Nitro/Morrison gets a lot of flak around these parts, but he can more than pull his weight in the ring. Tad confused when Van Dam missed the Rolling Thunder to the outside and you said it hurt his stomach, when that would more than likely hurt his back than anything. The match flowed very well for a while until Mysterio came in and ate the finish, which Iím still divided on. The fact that Mysterio was only hit with an elevated DDT and was pinned is a little unnerving, the MNM tag finisher probably wouldíve been better there. Was also hoping Mysterio would put up more of a fight than he did, but alas, they trapdoor to all this is the masked man. Never really a big fan of masked man angles because they all wind up being the same guys, but Iím hoping you can go somewhere different with this.

Nice seggy between Carlito and Hardy, Iím expecting these two to get involved. A bit overdoing the Ďjuí line, though. Not saying he shouldnít do it b/c I enjoy Carlitoís written accent, but he said it in places where it didnít belong at all.

Some generic but effective stuff from MNM, although wasnít sure why Melina acknowledged that there was a masked man but Nitro and Mercury didnít.

Extended squash here with the Lashley bit. Not like Suzuki and Dupree were a truly believable tag team anyway, but good way to just display Lashleyís absolute dominance.

Appreciated RVD being the slightly more aggressive one here, but Iím sure it wonít be immediately that we find out who was under the mask anyway

A pretty decent Cruiserweight contest, but of course, itís the ending that catches the most attention. I thought it was a bit out-of-touch, if I should say, that Tazz would immediately jump on and call Hurricane ďGregory HelmsĒ. I may have missed a show or two somewhere, but has that name been mentioned onscreen at any point before this? The line immediately got the point across that that is almost most certainly going to come of this whole thing, but I would have much preferred Hurricane kept his motives to himself and possibly cut a promo on the next show to fully come out and dis his superhero uniform and be called Gregory Helms. That said, I very much liked the role Chavo played here, not because it was a generic, stock role, but in relativity to the superhero character, worked very well. Even though Chavo was the weasel and pretty unsympathetic in the whole thing, he was the catalyst in Hurricane giving into his more prone Ďmortalí side, if you will. Hope to see where the character development goes with this.

Youíre a real fan of these interviews, eh? Nice that everyone in the main event got their say, though.

ĎRight in the abyssí might notíve been the best terminology there, probably shouldíve gone with Ďinto the fireí or Ďinto the shark tankí or something like that, but thatís being picky, and I got the gist of the idea. Wow, again, a finisher not even a few minutes into the match, and it didnít look any better here than it did when I first brought it up. It literally just seemed thrown in there and couldíve been any other impactful move. Save those finishers for when you really need them. Yes, it told the story of an on-fire Orton, but you still couldíve shown that in a better way. Some solid action going on here, but again, I have to stress the finisher thing. The Angle Slam here was placed well, but to have Orton come be the one to break up the count a few lines later then come back out on the offensive made me question the strength of the Angle Slam, as well as just leave me wondering why you didnít just have Angle break the count when he was still perfectly able bodied to do so. ĎTaker showing up was somewhat unexpected, and right when Orton was at his hottest at that. Nice placement there, the ending here becoming a big finisher flurry. I know Iím getting nitpicky with the finishers and whatnot, but JBL kickout of the Angle slam after taking the table spot is a bit pushing it. It wouldíve probably been better had JBL got his foot on the ropes; plus that suits his character a little better. Still, the story came across well that Cena did indeed go through hell to keep his title, although Iím not sure where JBL goes from here, Angle/Cena is far, FAR from over as far as I can see.

Overall, a very enjoyable show, although some of your best matches did lack in flow, mostly because of the finisher spamming it seemed you were doing. Maybe itís just the way you like writing or maybe its possible burnout leaving you unable to think of many other moves to put in those spots, but itís probably not as big a deal as Iím making them out to be. My only true complaint is that I wouldíve liked for the WWE Tag Title match to have gone on a bit longer, but thatís nothing really huge. A solid show here that keeps me wanting to know more about everything. Kirby enjoyed the effort. Well done, cp


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