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Re: WRESTLEMANIA 29 - Anyone planning on going??

Originally Posted by frankwhite1967 View Post
You don't have to believe me. A simple google search will yield you some results that are not just dirt sheet gossip, mere speculation, or hearsay. I found a nice little tidbit from one of JR's blogs regarding the topic of WM 29 from shortly after the deal was finalized. It seems like he would be a much more of a reliable source than me or you or even the people you say you know that are close to the WWE and work in NY venues. After all, he is a WWE employee and obviously communicates with other WWE employees in the know. And it's just as I've said previously in the other posts. NJ "bought" the WrestleMania package to benefit THEIR economy. This wasn't a joint effort with NY which will still benefit from the all of the events indirectly regardless of where the actual events are being held due to the closeness of the two areas. The way Jim Ross "understands" it is that there will most likely be some media and PR functions held in NYC but Mania, Axxess, and HOF will ALL be held in Jersey. So short of possibly Raw at MSG on that Monday, it really doesn't look likely that NYC will be hosting any of the main WM activities. And I happen to think Raw will be held at the Izod Center because I'm pretty sure that the Raw following Mania is also part of the package deal that New Jersey "bought". What JR said only makes logical sense to me.

Sorry...I don't recall saying someone close to WWE told me IT WAS gonna be in NY, I said someone close to WWE told me they were LOOKING into NY. Also, JR...JR is the same guy that constantly says "No I'm not coming back to announcing even for one match" and the such just to not let the fans know whats coming. THE ONLY THING HE SAYS I Believe is his opinions on the PAST. Not to mention that was from BEFORE This years Wrestlemania many things could have changed. I also never said 100% it was, I said from everything I understood they were LOOKING at NY venues.
Ok, but as I originally said I don't believe any one told you that they are even "looking" at NY venues. As I keep saying, unless my understanding of the whole WrestleMania package bidding is incorrect there was never even a thought or possibility of having Axxess or HOF in NYC once New Jersey won the bidding for WM29. Those WrestleMania related events are definitely paired with WrestleMania. If WrestleMania is being held in a certain state I believe Axxess and HOF will also be held in the same state. But may be you know something that no one else does. Maybe a deal was struck that some events could be held in NY. My guess is that didn't happen and we will all eventually find out for sure that all of the events will be in NJ. As per your JR comments, I don't think he's ever said he wouldn't come back to announce even one match. Quite the contrary! He's always talking about how he would love to call certain matches especially at WM. He's made it very clear that it was NOT his decision to remove him from weekly commentary and that it was strictly a WWE management decision to remove him. JR will tell you when he's not sure of something or if he's just guessing or giving you his opinion. But in this particular case by the way he words it, I think it is clear that he was told by someone in the know that "AXXESS will be held in Jersey as well as the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony but there will obviously be several NYC media and PR functions/events added to the menu as well." He didn't say he was guessing, he didn't say he assumed, and he didn't say he hoped these events will be in NJ. The way he understands it is that they WILL be held there. But again, maybe you know something that none of us do.
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