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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Longhorn sounds on the PA System and out comes John Bradshawy Layfield in his limousine with massive amounts of booing. JBL steps out of his limousine with his cowboy hat, in a white suit, smirking. JBL walks down the ramp waving his hands in appreciation to his ovation. The people keep on booing as JBL slowly walks up the steel steps and goes into the ring and is handed a microphone. JBL waits a moment until the fans slowly stop booing.

Finally, the Wrestling God has come back to the WWE in all his glory. It doesn't matter if I close RAW or if I start RAW, I will always be the greatest wrestler in this ring and all of you will bow down to my greatness. But I didn't come here to RAW to help myself financially. RAW doesn't need to save JBL from anything, JBL is still one of the greatest investors in history, my company Layfield Energy is still selling MamaJuana Energy everywhere in this country and every single one of you fans love it. JBL came back to the WWE to save RAW. These past few years RAW has been declining financially and their entertainment value has dropped significantly all because of these wannabe wrestlers getting into the ring and putting on a snooze-fest for the crowd. I was in my mansion in Key West and I said to myself this has to stop, but who can stop RAW from becoming what ECW was. A show full of wannabe wrestlers and moronic fans like all of you here today. That's when I realized only a Wrestling God could save this company. A Wrestling God like me, JBL. So everyone back in that locker room, be on the look out because JBL will be doing some spring cleaning these next few months, ridding RAW of the filth that is the current RAW Superstars. People came up to me after what I did to Mason Ryan and asked me if I was coming back full-time or if I was going back to commentating like I did back in the day. My matches deserve top notch commentating something Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will never be able to provide. I'd have to wrestle and commentate. That's the only way my matches could be done justice. But since RAW won't let me do both, you will all have to settle with only seeing my greatness in the ring.

*You Suck chants are heard*

Shut up! You people are what is wrong with America. You people want me to fail because I am more successful than all of you people, I am better looking than all of you people and I am more talented than any of you people ever will be. You know when you see a Wrestling God and you know when you can't be all that I am. No matter how many times I'm knocked down, I will always be back and be successful. It is what I have done my whole life and that's why all of you people hate me. You people should be praising me every week from now on, starting next week, when I start cleaning out the poor performers like Mason Ryan. Mason Ryan, something America hates is a cheater. Someone who takes shortcuts in life and you are one of those people. It doesn't matter how many times you deny to have taken steroids I know when there is a cheater in my ring and that's what you are Mason Ryan. Steroids might help you with becoming strong but steroids won't save you from being beaten into a bloody pulp next week. You say you want to fight? I've been in more fights than you will ever be in Mason. I've been bloodied in bars and I've bloodied people in bars, but I don't fight anymore. I wrestle. Something steroids also can't help you with. I've seen you in the ring and it's clear to me and all these people here that you are all looks and no skills. So you can keep on saying to yourself that you don't take shortcuts and that you don't use steroids, but in the end none of that matters, because next week, the Wrestling God returns to the ring and will show everyone that the savior of RAW has arrived by beating you with a clothesline from hell, stopping you from dragging this company to the ground.

I am who I say I am, and I am indeed, a Wrestling...God!

JBL smirks as the crowd boo loudly. JBL hands Jillian the mic and puts his hat back on that he had taken off during the promo. He climbs out of the ring and raises his arm high and continues walking towards his limousine. RAW fades to commercials.

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