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Re: Randy Orton 24's Sim- The Road to Wrestlemania 29

Scene opens backstage in the men's Smackdown locker room where we see Carlito enter the room. Carlito looks fatigued as he had just finished qualifying for the Intercontinental Championship Match next week. Carlito sits down on a chair and puts his hand on his knee and breaths loudly. When Carlito finally is able to catch enough breath, he begins to speak to the camera.

Carlito did what he said he was gonna do. Carlito threw people out left and right until it was just him and Carlito's unlucky opponent for next week. William Regal. Carlito was out there and he noticed, you're like what...50 years old? Carlito noticed. Carlito had a plan. Eliminate everybody except father time. Carlito went out there, helped with getting Khali out, threw out that freak Heath Slater, got big Zeke out on the apron to get him eliminated, got Jinder Mahal to eliminate himself and Carlito destroyed Cody Rhodes with the Backstabber and threw him out like a ragdoll. What did you do that match, Regal? Oh right you ran towards Drew McIntyre and pushed him over the ropes, almost taking your own back out. Carlito's plan worked like a charm. And next week, it'll be Carlito and you, Regal. A young hip and cool guy like Carlito, and your old burned out body. Carlito just hopes you don't pull a muscle walking to the ring. Next week, it'll be clear to everyone that Carlito is the most dominate superstar on SmackDown when he wins the Intercontinental Championship, on his second night in the WWE. And you know what that is? That's cool.

Carlito smiles into the camera as we fade away back to the announcers.

OOC: JBL RP coming up soon also. Your show was good, battle royal was a bit repetitive with the "next elimination" "next elimination" but there wasn't much RPing in those matches so I don't mind. Show was long and good and had segments between matches which is fun for Sim Leagues and should be done for all Sim Leagues since results only get pretty dull. One thing I would like to request is telling everyone where the event is taking place. So when you do WWE News or stuff like that tell us where RAW will be or have a calendar on the first page. I like to RP on what city we are in, helps the Rock also.

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