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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Batista/HHH is probably the third best Cell match. HBK/Taker clearly ahead as the best and probably Lesnar/Taker from No Mercy, though I wouldn't be surprised if I preferred HHH/Batista on another watch. Felt like the sort of match HHH excels at no matter my general apathy towards a lot of his work, felt hate filled and truly a definitive feud ender.

HHH/Taker to me is probably even more of a divisive match than last year's, its either the pinnacle of WWE Main Event wrestling for you (i.e the acting, the story arc from last year and HBK's matches with Taker, the big finishing stretches, the emotion of HHH telling HBK to end it etc) and as a result will get a ****1/2-***** rating.....or you find it over the top and maybe trying to hard to envoke drama and story and EMOTION and you think its flawed.

I think both matches live were great viewing because you bought the nearfalls a lot more (not to mention Taker bumped like a fucking lunatic in both), but on rewatches they don't have the subtle touches of a great match in between the sequences and moves. I find Taker/HBK Wrestlemania 26 to be far and away better than either HHH/Taker match or HBK/Taker 25, I thought the storytelling and drama was expertly done in a way that it was obvious but didn't feel choregoraphed and cheesy. Maybe I'm too cynical but the dialogue in the HIAC was too over the top for me, 'END IT OR I WILL, SHAWN DON'T END IT'. I mean there's communication in matches and all that shit but I thought this went too far into trying to create the most dramatic match possible.

There's no middle ground though IMO, you either get caught up in the drama and storytelling or you find it cheesy and lacking any depth behind the moves. HBK/Taker combined the sequences with a simpler and better executed story to me and that's why I infinitely prefer their series, I mean my opinion of Michaels as a worker post 2002 isn't high at all but he's still far and away more engrossing and watchable to me than HHH.
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