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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Sparta101 View Post
The Wrestlemania 21 match gets the correct rating most of the time. Anywhere from ****1/4 to ****3/4 sometimes. I have never seen someone give it the full 5.

The Wrestlemania 12 ironman match is very quickly becoming the most underrated match of all time. There was a time where it was called the greatest match of all time. Thats when it was overrated. These days though, its the most underrated match ever. I have seen low ratings anywhere from DUD to **1/2. Everyone these days is underrating it. When was the last time you have seen someone give it a ****1/2 or the full 5 stars? Hell, when was the last time someone gave it 4 stars? Everyone bitches on this match right now, but it is still a very solid match.
To me that's still pushing it too far for Angle/HBK, I'd go around ***1/4-***1/2 on last watch. I can see why people adore it though, but its still a match with both worker's flaws on display.

I really don't think the Ironman is that underrated, Yeah1993's thoughts are pretty much bang on point although I don't think its that good in most places. Early story of Michaels outwrestling Bret is well done, but then all the arm work used to weaken Bret is no sold from the second half of the match and that just renders everything prior to it pointless since it doesn't play a part in a sport or the overall story. Neither man really wanted to make the other look as good as they could and I just couldn't get into the match much at all. Admittedly I find Bret dull as dish water a lot of times these days so an hour of him was always going to be a struggle but yeah, there's plenty of Wrestlemania matches and other matches in general I'd point to as being way more underrated.
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