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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
Guess I shouldn't apologize with Melvis making us all wait all the time
I'm gonna no-sell this, because that's what Mark Henry would do.

I like the new 'realism' angle in that you're now on 'hot-shot planning' instead of 'why will no-one buy our tickets', though I'm assuming you'll bring that back into play soon. Since you talked about the Finlay thing, I'll address your last main event; was it overbooked? Yes. Did I mind? No. My thinking is that not only was it a good match, but you got a lot of angles or mini-angles in there; the only thing that surprised me was the lack of HBK. In that sense, I reckon you could have overbooked it even more, but only because if you're going to overbook a match, might as well go the whole way and have HBK cost RVD or at least play a role in there. Either way, I don't mind, and I'll assume you've got something planned, especially with the strength of his opening promo.

Kingston and Black is probably just because you're impressed with them in my thread, so I'll skip that bit of news.

As I mentioned in dat rep, I hope Heyman doesn't repeal RVD's stipulation. Seeing as you and I are two of the biggest marks for crazy character development schemes in the entire section, I have faith in you to advance RVD efficiently no matter what, but to differentiate your characters that little bit more, I think Van Dam (as a persona, not in kayfabe) will benefit from having to deal with a huge blow. Whether it makes his character more edgy or more fragile, whether he begins to question his role in AOW because he has no reason to compete, it doesn't matter - you have a MILLION possibilities with that stipulation staying on, whereas it's just TITLE TITLE TITLE if Heyman repeals it. So that's my two cents.

Danielson competing with an injury makes him look like more of a badass (and keeps some of that realism you love), so that's fine.

The interviews all had a purpose. Finlay's keeps up the mystique around his involvement, as well as maintaining that 'killer instinct' element to that character by having him threaten The Miz. Speaking of which, Miz is good as the spineless, infuriating interviewer (as opposed to the spineless, infuriating WWE Champion in someone else's thread) so I'd say this interview did its job. Liking it.

By the way, your dialogue on Punk for his interview was much better than that interview he did in the green room where he had that awkward back-and-forth with Hassan afterwards. The 'cheese' metaphor works nicely with him being such a 'scrapper', if that makes sense, and Hassan's use of the Mercs backs up this idea that we should back the underdog. Don't think I missed the Albright thing at the end either, just furthering the idea that Burchill's the mentor, Albright the apprentice. Nice.

And finally, the SFC interview was on the level of any of theirs from before. You keep them at the front of the viewers' minds, prepared to have a feud with the Sons in that amazing tag division you have, and possibly setting them for a shot at the titles down the line, too. You also got the obligatory Fight Club reference in there as well. The one thing I really like about them is how they're not always focused on winning - they're focused on competition, and the dynamics of competition, whether they win or lose. This is something I think they raised in a previous promo, too, so I'm definitely enjoying their progression so far.

Oblivion looks good. One guaranteed HUGE match in the Triple Threat, PPV-worthy, as well as Heyman's sure-to-be-excellent promo and the Lucky 13 to boot. I'm guessing it'll be HBK or Joe, maybe Michaels for now while Joe takes on Lashley and RVD deals with Dave "No. 2 Heel" Finlay. Oh, and Punk/Hassan's in there too. Can't wait to read it and see where you take all these different stories.
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