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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post
Alright, new topic ; **** 3/4 matches, what keeps them from being *****?

I'm thinking even the slightest little thing can deduct a quarter of a star. For instance, let's look at WM XXVII: Undertaker vs Triple H. If HHH fades out instead of tapping at the matches end, I see it as a ***** encounter. Why does that make such a difference ? I believe that if Trips had to pass out, it would have went more with the story of "End The Streak Or Die Trying" , rather than him actually giving up.

Any other notable matches that have a minor flaw that keeps it from being ***** ?
Hm, I have no idea. One thing I noticed is you have Batista/Trips HiaC at ****3/4, while I have it at five. Maybe the fact that it doesn't truly pick up until the second half or so? Still, I think you're nuts for that one

For me, Benoit/Angle is a perfect match... and that's theproblem. It being so perfectly choreographed means it kinda lacks soul.

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