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Re: Dean Ambrose confronts Mick Foley at WrestleMania Hotel

Originally Posted by Aloverssoulz View Post
Maybe i'm missing something because I couldn't hear him too well, but is he mad at Foley because a bunch of kids watching him in his hay day tried to copy him and got themselves hurt? Or is there another reason?

If it is the reason than I think it's stupid. WWF/E has always said don't try it at home. If a kid jumps out his bedroom window onto his brother and busts his leg that's his own fault, not Foley or any other wrestler.

I nearly broke my leg messing around when I was 6 after watching Mortal Kombat and trying a few moves on my friend. I don't expect Ed Boon to tell me how sorry he is for making a game that inspired me to try the moves that got me hurt. It was my own fault.

But again. I might not get what the story is about because I could barely hear the dude.
That's why Ambrose is the heel. Heels are full of shit, we know whatever they bitch about is wrong. The type of reaction you're showing is perfect; it's exactly what it's supposed to be.

Ambrose's argument is that Foley inspired a generation of young wrestlers to do stupid shit for the sake of professional wrestling, a 'lost generation' which then had to suffer the repercussions of it. Like Edge. And now he's pissed that Foley can walk around, live his life with his wife and kids while guys like him and his peers are suffering for it. Hence #thanksmick.



Originally Posted by Jimshine View Post
Isn't it a coincidence that the rise of feminism coincided with the decline of kayfabe.
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