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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I can see what Rizzo is saying, I mean I've never tried to pose as Phil Schneider or anything like that, but I can accept that I do share largely similar opinions to a fair few workers as he does, hell I can freely admit that quite a few guys on the blog as well as some people in the DVD thread (Cal, Andy3000, Yeah1993) etc are responsible for actually making me rewatch old matches after I took a break from wrestling because I saw guys like HBK and Angle etc being called out for having more flaws then I ever remembered them having (fuck Angle was a favourite of mine during 2004-2006) and actually being responsible for me slowly beginning to see their argument.

I definitely see where he's coming from though, I've seen a lot of matches talked about on DVDVR and occasionally WKO and when I've taken the time to watch most of those matches its very rare I've disagreed with the general consensus about whether the match was good/bad etc. I'd like to think I've offered my own opinion on enough matches to be recongised by some as not a clone of the DVDVR crew and someone who can think for themselves, though I can definitely understand where Rizzo is coming from in regard to similarities.

Also Cal I remember you asking me whether I was a re-joiner when I first began posting in the DVD thread .
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