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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
Damn, that European tour worked wonders for Chris Masters. I just saw the match he had with Drew McIntyre on Superstars 5/12/11 and both men did a great job of putting on a really good match. Really loved the limb work and the way Masters sold it. Masters is a damn good seller alright. The way he sold that punch looked like it legit knocked him out cold. I also like how when Masters did the Soamoan drop instead of getting up one time (as so much guys on the indies do nowadays) he lies down on the floor, selling the leg and gets up really slowly once again SELLING the leg. This was a really a good match and is IMO the way how wrestling matches should be done. Simple but effective moves. Less is more. All the leg work McIntyre did, it was simple leg locks. He didn't use no fancy pretzel like move because it wasn't needed. When he did the figure four around the post it meant so much. I also liked the babyface comeback. I like when they are done in bits. Masters would mount an offense but McIntyre would just attack the leg or the offense mounted put so much strain on Masters' leg that he had to rest for a while. That is what I want in a wrestling match. Take me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. By just exchanging holds or chain wrestling for chain wrestling sake you're not doing that. By randomly putting a guy into some bend up fuck him up submission, it's not doing that. This match also had moments where you thought it was gonna end but it didn't. It was very, very unpredictable and it could have gone either way. They didn't need to kick out of 100 finishers to do it. They just incorporated good storytelling. This is a really good match and now I suddenly wanna see more of Masters in WWE

Great to see you love it, it is indeed an awesome match and you touched on everything superbly.

As I said as well there's also a great nearfall from the skyhigh spinebuster/baldo bomb move which pinned Mcintyre in a 2 minute match they had on Smackdown earlier in the year which was a really great callback spot that further pushed the match over the edge for me. I also loved the selling and build to that Samoan Drop, felt like such a big spot in the match which is amazing for how simplistic and basic the move has been used by other wrestlers in WWE.
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