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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

I’m throwing you a challenge, my fair King – top my World Ablaze with your Extreme Rules. Not saying World Ablaze was ZOMG AWSUMS~! but I’m openly throwing the gauntlet that would have otherwise been unspoken. But yeah, the section is really looking forward to your Extreme Rules. And I’m looking forward to see how far you can really push WWE 2011 with your first PPV. Humble me, fair King.
You know my response to that, brother. It's ON.

Originally Posted by 619IDH View Post
Big lipped moment here. I thought Black dropped the ‘secret agent’ bit…? Are we undoing that? Or did I miss something…?
Yeah, it's going somewhere. Fear not.

Don’t take a month and a half to post Smackdown, plz.

It gives me no pleasure to wish this thread its one year anniversary. I know I haven't been all that consistent or quick with posting in it (okay, I haven't even posted the first PPV yet) but I hope what I have done has been somewhat entertaining. I'm hitting exam season now so I'm still not sure how consistent I'll be, but here's hoping. Extreme Rules should hopefully come soon, however, because I'm writing it at the moment and I'd say it's going well. In the meantime, let's get cooking with this stuff.

WWE Superstars
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina | 28th April 2011

Match One – Singles Contest
William Regal bts. JTG via submission at 7:55
In the opening bout of Superstars, William Regal regains some of the momentum he lost when he was defeated by John Morrison on Monday; though JTG gets some big crowd-friendly moves to get the Greensboro Coliseum on his side, it’s Regal who eventually takes control. JTG mounts a comeback late on, but as he attempts the Shout Out, the Englishman shoves him away, and in the wake of the reversal, JTG can’t recover quickly enough to dodge the vicious Knee Trembler, leaving Jay barely conscious on the floor. Baring his teeth, Regal then falls to the mat, putting his poor opponent in the Regal Stretch to force a speedy tap out for a powerful win.

We then cut to a VP showing former NXT Rookies, Darren Young and “Showtime” Percy Watson, having a barbeque on Florida’s South Beach. Turning to face the camera wearing colourful checked shirts, they both flash deliberately cheesy grins, as girls in bikinis play volleyball behind them. Watson spears a hot dog from the barbeque with a fork, then holds it up with a knowing look before placing it in a bun held out by Young; he takes a stroll along the beach, with Watson briefly leaving the shot. Young tells the WWE Universe that after NXT, he and Percy had decided to chill out a little, and go back to their roots. It’s loosened them up suitably, and now they’re ready to take the WWE tag team division by storm. As he takes a knowing look at the girls, Percy dances into the shot as a generic techno track gets a few nearby buddies dancing too, and under the boiling Florida sun, Young says it doesn’t get any hotter than the South Beach Party Boys. Watson says “Uh, uh, uh – OH YEAH!” with a big grin from behind his lens-less glasses, and that we’ll see them next week on Superstars for their fabulous re-debut. In the background, one of their bros asks if they want a beer from the cooler, and Young tells the audience to hold tight until then, before they go back to the party, dancing as they do, and the VP ends, leading us to a break.


Match Two – Singles Contest
Trent Barreta bts. David Otunga via pinfall at 11:32
A back-and-forth match between Barreta and the Tung himself ends in a win for the Intercontinental Title hopeful, who escapes the Verdict Spinebuster by pulling out a Crucifix pin, though the A-Lister kicks out at two. Soon after, however, Barreta delivers the Gobstobber, a stunning Busaiku Knee Strike. This is enough for the successful pinfall, despite not being Trent’s primary finisher; it symbolises a motion to make the move more prominent in his arsenal regardless, and with Barreta picking up the win tonight, he looks especially confident ahead of his big match this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Raw Rebound this week has an excerpt of The Miz’s lengthy opening promo, namely his part about the WWE being a “miserable, cold-hearted, fickle place” and how he plans to start towards finally getting his “thrill” this Sunday. We then cut to the main event, a marathon between John Cena and Triple H, and after a series of narrow near falls, including Cena surviving the Figure Four and the Game surviving the STFU, The Miz and Alex Riley end the bout prematurely with stereo chairshots to both men. However, as Riley lines up a lethal shot to Cena’s head, the ex-“Champ” ducks and sends Riley reeling with a clothesline, before he takes the chair and chases the Varsity Villain into the crowd. In the ring, the distraction gives Triple H a chance to recover, charging at The Miz, only for the WWE Champion to make a last-second escape; as Cena taunts from the stands where half the fans chant his name, Hunter finds himself the name the other half chant in the squared circle, and The Miz scowls at his future opponents as Raw comes to a close.


Main Event – Singles Contest
Chavo Guerrero bts. Yoshi Tatsu via pinfall at 14:40
Superstars closes with a contest between two exciting athletic superstars; Chavo Guerrero, hot off his triumphs over Edge alongside the Alberto Administration on SmackDown, looks confident from the opening bell, with Brodus Clay providing support at ringside, while Tatsu remains focused throughout. In the dying embers of the match, it looks like Tatsu has found a second win, peppering Guerrero with stinging kicks and chops, before he attempts the Roundhouse Kick to end it all – but Chavo ducks, and hits the Three Amigos for a close two count. At ringside, Clay offers little support to Chavo other than his general presence, but regardless, Guerrero finds the energy to go up top anyway, and scores with the Frog Splash to get the three count to the disdain of the fans here in Greensboro. After the bell, Brodus hits Tatsu with the Tongan Death Grip Slam for the sake of violence, and roars “SH’YEAH!” to the booing crowd, as Chavo’s theme song plays, and Superstars comes to a close.

Friday Night SmackDown
Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina | 29th April 2011

It’s been four exciting weeks on SmackDown, but it’s nearly here; Extreme Rules is THIS Sunday, and tonight, it’s time to tie up the loose ends before a heated set of Blue Brand matches in two nights’ time. SmackDown is in North Carolina this evening, with a series of great matches to enjoy and several questions to be answered before this Sunday’s action.

This Sunday sees a Wrestlemania rematch with the stakes raised, in the form of Edge defending his World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match. Last week, a Chavo Guerrero distraction allowed Del Rio to blindside the Rated R Superstar, and he, Brodus Clay and Guerrero then brutalised the World Champion inside the unforgiving steel. Tonight, Chavo opens the show to explain his actions, as well as facing Edge’s best friend Christian to capitalise on his new position in Alberto Administration. Later on, Edge himself will speak about last week’s events in a special edition of the Cutting Edge with Del Rio and his Administration as his guests. What will Edge and Del Rio have to say with their huge match looming? How will Chavo justify what he did last week? And can Christian send a message to the All-American American Jack Swagger just two days before they meet in an I Quit Match?

Elsewhere on SmackDown, Wade Barrett has had a rough ride of preparing to defend his Intercontinental Championship; his attempts to discover who was responsible for turning out the lights in his match with Kofi Kingston two weeks bore no fruit last Friday, and he even faced a $10,000 fine for attacking SmackDown’s backstage staff in the process. Tonight, he teams with two of his opponents this Sunday, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes, to take on Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Trent Barreta in a Six-Man Tag Team Match in SmackDown’s main event. Whoever wins this match could see the momentum flow in their favour before this Sunday’s proceedings, and more than anything, Barrett needs a win to get back on track.

Similarly, Barrett’s fellow Corre members, the WWE Tag Team Champions of Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, also have something to prove. Gabriel put on an astounding performance against the World Champion Edge in the main event last week, narrowly losing to the Rated R Superstar, and tonight he faces another monster challenge in the form of the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show. With Gabriel and Slater set to defend their titles against Show and Kane this Sunday in a Tag Team Tables Match, a win would go a long way towards proving a point for both men. Can Gabriel topple to the giant, or will it be two losses in two weeks for the high-flying South African?

Also tonight, Sin Cara looks to put his loss to Alberto Del Rio behind him as he takes on the huge Tyler Reks, while Beth Phoenix looks to stake her claim as the top Diva on SmackDown against Michelle McCool!

~ Announced For SmackDown ~

The Cutting Edge with the Alberto Administration
Chavo Guerrero to open the show


Six-Man Tag Team Match
Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, The Sinister Scotsman Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes
The Ultimate Underdog Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Trent Barreta

Singles Contest
The Mexican Warrior Chavo Guerrero vs Captain Charisma Christian

Singles Contest
WWE Tag Team Champion Justin Gabriel vs The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show

Singles Contest
Michelle McCool vs The Glamazon Beth Phoenix

Singles Contest
The Mexican Idol Sin Cara vs Tyler Reks
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