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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

To me from a Wrestling point of view there isn't anyway they can make the streak seem like it's in jeopardy. The last three matches have shown that no matter what you throw at him he's going to kick out. The last time I thought he was going to lose was THAT Tombstone last year. Once he kicked out of that then they've broken Kayfabe as far as I'm aware. Put him up against anyone and it's just not believable he's going to lose. Hell you could stick fully pissed off superman Cena against him and I'd still be confident of a clean Taker win.

To me the only way you can make it seem like it's in doubt is from a non kayfabe point of view.

The Streak has broken Kayfabe in that when I think about Taker and his matches at WM I don't think "Oh here is tough guy HHH. If anyone can end the streak it's him." I think "Oh WWE aren't going to let it end like this because story line wise it doesn't make sense for THIS to be the end".

I don't know whether that's the streak or just me smarking up recently but I'm looking at the match from a point of view that there is no way they are booking Taker to lose this rather than "This guy could have a chance against Taker".

So yeah... anyway...

To me... the only way to make the Streak seem in danger is to put Taker in a story line where you'd legit believe that WWE would book Taker to lose.

There are only a few ways I can see that happening and I'm hoping you guys can think of some more to add...

So far I've got...

* Announce it's Taker's last match. If he's going to lose it's going to likely be his last match.
* Stick him against a fresh Heel Cena. If Cena does ever turn heel you would think there is no way he's losing his first match which would be against Taker.

Those are the only two I can think of and Heel Cena is the only one I would legit be worried about the streak. Even if it's his retirement match, if it was against anyone else I wouldn't think he'd be losing.
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