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Re: Official General Superstars Weekly TV Show Discussion Thread

I'd say there's actually quite a bit of good limb selling in WWE when they get the chance, Matt Hardy, Chris Masters and Christian in particular worked a lot of matches based around a limb of theirs getting targeted and working it into the match: admittedly Hardy's spell was back in 2006 and 2007 but Masters and Christian were more recent.

Obviously it depends on how much time they get, since you can't really expect a focused limb attack and good selling in a sub 5 minute match, I'm probably being a little too harsh on both but I know Hunico can work a good control segment and Kidd obviously has the intelligence to work a weakened limb into his offence.

Actually before I forget the Punk/Bryan match from Raw (1/30?) had some awesome limb selling by Punk, the spot where he switches from a left arm bulldog to a right armed bulldog because Bryan has fucked up his left arm throughout the match was a perfect payoff to the earlier work.

Still, Hunico and Kidd definitely have a better match in them and with the finish its possible they'll be given the chance sooner rather than later.
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