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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by hassassin View Post
THQ rarely meet the demands of most of the gamers to be honest.

They have some incredibly daft deadlines which prevents them issuing relevant DLC to today's storyline. Prime example, Kane returns masked, he arrived in November and yet despite two months demand, November was too late to even get him on DLC for late January. Instead we got a free Batista Attitude Era Kane and Heel Brodus Clay (another guy affected by their dumb deadlines). I think they're just incompetent too be honest.

They left a lot of bugs and glitches in the game engine, which people obviously exploit online... And their servers are so poor it's ridiculous. I've played around 220 online matches but the last 30/40 have been really hard to even find and most have been so leggy even at 4/5 bars of connection. Their community creations always fucks up too, they still haven't fixed that and they won't. THQ are ALL about money, once they've got yours don't expect much maintainence throughout the year after that.

Also story mode was way better than RTWM. I hate only having the option of HHH, Sheamus and Cass.
Last year THQ listened to the fans more than previous years.
Better RTWM
More moves
Better Universe mode
Separating exhibition and universe mode.
More Championship Belts


The bugs and glitches is a major issue in WWE games.
I can't comment about online because I don't use it, but I have heard countless times how online is another major issue.


Story mode in previous games is miles better than RTWM.
Take here comes the pain and early SvR games as examples.
RTWM really does suck.
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