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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by TelkEvolon View Post

Yoy kinda make it sound like I am reviewing a review.
That's pretty much what VIG did. "Meltzer's is better b/c it's more organic" = sort of reviewing the reviews. Sort of.

I just wanted to know how "organic" can apply to a wrestling review itself (not a wrestling match- I get THAT).

Comparing "reviews" on here to Meltzer's is pretty silly anyway. Dave might put thought into it and try to pleas his readers and all that jazz. Someone like me just babbles with swear words and doesn't call it a "review" as much as a "hey this is stuff about the match."

Speaking of which-

Originally Posted by me n stuff
Punk v Henry was awesome (hyperbolic, I guess. I mean if I used star ratings it'd be like ***1/2 but I'm picky and think that's almost great), because of a lot of reasons I still remember. Opening was Punk distancing Mark because if he got too close Mark would eat his fucking face off. Henry got past that because he's a fat man and started humiliating and yelling at Punk because he's a mean fat man. The yells of "I OWN YOU," and "DID I TELL YOU TO MOVE" were so big and dominating. Punk's sell of anything Henry did to his back was terrific and I remember those squeals and facials when he was under the ropes or near the corner. Punk tries multiple times to build offense but Henry keeping booting him (some looked NASTY btw) and keeping him from stringing anything together so we have a great little story built for a 12 minute Raw match. If Punk strung anything together Henry may have been in deep shit. Punk WAS in deep shit when Henry lapped on the bear hug and Punk pulled out the most desperate elbow flurry of his life. Looked like a truly awesome struggle and it had the suspense that at any second Henry could shrug it off and turn Punk into meatloaf. Punk finally gets more than a little offense and gets his signature "knee/bulldog," but Henry's STILL not down enough and throws him outside the ring to get a breather. Neither guy can recover- Punk isn't getting back in the ring (back's hurt/he's taken way too much b/w this and the bumps v Jericho) and Henry's shaking off cobwebs too long to do anything about it. I didn't love the finish at all, though. Maybe I asked for too much to have a definitive end to it but I doubt I'd have to explain why a count-out finish isn't preferrable to me.
Needed a nearfall/finish stretch. And a finish.

Originally Posted by Rah
Is Sienfeld the one with George Costanza?
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