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Re: How can you make a Taker Mania match unpredictable?

Originally Posted by Godfather- View Post
I was thinking.. instead of having the focus mainly on The Undertaker, make the focus mainly on his opponent for that year. IE: Cena.

Similar to the Vs. Streak part of RTWM in Smackdown vs Raw 2011, have Cena doubt if he can actually beat The Undertaker after the opponents that The Undertaker has destroyed over the years. Have him face The Undertakers previous 10 or so Wrestlemania opponents week in, week out.

Week one: Have Ric Flair make a surprise appearence and take on Cena, only to have Cena win.

Week two: Have him take on The Big Show and Lord Tensai in a handicap match, Cena wins. Only just though.

Week three: Have him take on Kane. Cena wins.

Week four: He takes on Randy Orton. He wins and begins to feel elated, like he can definitely beat 'Taker.

Week five: He takes on Mark Henry, but gets too full of himself and gets his ass beaten.

Week six: He's back to "shit, can I do this?" kind of mode. Hopefully by this time, Batista is back and has been for quite awhile. He takes on Batista and loses.

Week seven: He's slowly begininning to doubt himself even more. "I can't do this. I need to back out." Since Edge is actually full on retired due to injury, he's forced to take on HBK who only agreed to do take on Cena because he's still somewhat mad about 'Taker ending his career. He beats HBK in a short match, and HBK agree's to help Cena learn what it might take to beat The Undertaker.

Week eight, the second RAW before 'Mania: He takes on Triple H. He wins in a strong battle, only to have The Undertaker come out and tombstone him.

Week nine: Cena says that the attack was uncalled for and says that he's "definitely prepared to beat Undertaker." he claims he knows all about what it takes to beat the Undertaker. The lights go out and Cena takes yet another tombstone. The Undertaker then cuts a promo over Cena's unconscious carcus. He talks about how "20 men have tried to end the streak. 20 have failed. There's no chance in hell that I'll have someone that has never battled the dark forces before even come close. You better bring your A game Cena, you're gonna need it if you intend to get anywhere near victory."

At Wrestlemania it's an even playing field. Who knows who will win?
That's a pretty bad idea.
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