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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by BUBZ View Post
BJW 26/3 Strong Climb Final - Daisuke Sekimoto vs Yoshihito Sasaki
I loved the start with Sekimoto going straight in with his game plan of going after the neck and hitting a backdrop driver. It set the tone for the rest of the match, and Sekimoto was awesome and very methodical going after the neck. I loved Sasaki's first comeback attempt hitting the spear only to sell the neck amazingly allowing Sekimoto to get back up first and continue laying down the law. Again, Sekimoto was so great in this match, I loved how he changed the powerbomb/boston crab combo into an STF so as to go right after the neck again. Sasaki's comeback was well done, but my only problem with the match was that he seemed to forget about his neck in the finishing stretch even though Sekimoto didn't and continued hitting moves all directed at that body part. The actual finish was great with Sasaki throwing everything he had in his striking range and completely laying into Sekimoto who's selling was absolutely incredible. Some of the exchanges were so awesome, I do think the headbutts were way to much though, I mean they were fucking sick and you could clearly hear them legit headbutting eachother. I wish that hadn't had happened, I genuinely couldn't tell if Sekimoto was legit fucked or if his selling was just amazing, but I think and hope it was the latter. Great match though, I just wish Sasaki had sold his neck a lot better in the finishing stertch as it could have elevated this to true greatness, but Sekimoto's performance was legit incredible here.

Sekimoto is easily front runner for my WOTY so far by the way.
The 2 things that really sold me on that match were that spot and Daisuke doing a flying elbow to the neck instead of his usual frog splash. It gave the idea that Sekimoto wasn't doing his "formula" match and that he actually had a game plan. It's one of the few times were he actually showed he could work as the "Ace" and it worked perfectly as Sasaki is such a great underdog and he kinda has lived under Daisuke's "shadow" for a long time.

I liked Okada/Naito a lot but there's nothing I saw from that match (or Elgin/Davey, or any other bout I've seen this year so far) that comes close to what Daisuke, Yoshihito and Korakuen Hall did in the Strong Climb Final. I guess the fact I've been following Big Japan for years now and that I'm a massive mark for both guys made the match feel so important to me. I truly felt I was watching something special.

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