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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

My first review of a show (mostly so I couldn't get off task/distracted while watching).

UWF Hardcore War 6/8/07

First off, I’d like to say this is my first review and the first time viewing the UWF product. I got this in a Highspots Sampler and I’m looking forward to watching it. The card looks strong, so let’s get this started up.

Some guy comes out and welcomes the crowd to Hardcore War (2?) and we are starting off with tag team action. The ring they are using is a TNA style 6 sided ring.

Team Macktion (Kirby Mack and TJ Mack) vs. Arrogance (Chris Bosh and Scott Lost)
Being a SoCal native I’d like to say FUCK YEA BOSH AND LOST! Moving on to the match, Lost and Bosh attack their opponents before the match, which draws the referee to start off the match. Team Macktion get the advantage quickly hitting several double team moves. Lost and Bosh get the advantage and they hit a couple double team attacks for a nearfall. Lost works over TJ, and the crowd gets behind TJ. TJ’s comeback is stopped, and Arrogance work him over with more double teams. TJ gets the hot tag, and Kirby hits a crazy backstabber to Lost. He hits a corner clothesline to lost, and he goes to the apron. Bosh is on the top rope and hits Kirby with a tornado DDT. Back in the ring, TJ hits Lost with a reverse huricanrana. Macktion follow up with a double suicide dive and they follow it up with a surfboard/double stomb combo. 2! Lost breaks it up and hits a superman spear. Lost and Bosh hit a double team for what felt like an awkward 3 count. I think this was an upset since Macktion seemed like the home promotion team and Arrogance was a one time thing here. Time of the fall ~7:06 (and they fit a lot in that time). **3/4 Fun, fun opener.

X Division Title Match
Chris Sabin vs. Joey Ryan

The match kicks off as Ryan poses in his corner and the crowd chants for Sabin. They lock up and chain wrestle, but Sabin goes to the ropes to break up a hammerlock. They lock up again, and Ryan gets a wristlock. Sabin does the cartwheel, flip escape and then thumbs Ryan in the eyes. A standard shoulder block spot and a few quick moves ending with Sabin kipping up and Ryan failing to kip up. Sabin helps Ryan up, and then Ryan takes a couple hits from his inhaler. They go back to basic grappling with Ryan gaining control and working over Sabin’s arm. Sabin pops Ryan onto the apron and knocks him to the floor with a dropkick. Sabin feigned a suicide dive and got on the apron before hitting a double axe handle. Ryan gets in the ring, and Sabin follows up with a springboard drop kick to the back for a nearfall. Sabin begins to work over Ryan, but Ryan hits a couple of drop kicks. Sabin slips out the back of a slam, but Ryan ran forward and ducked sending Sabin to the floor. Ryan followed up with a suicide dive. Ryan got on the apron with Sabin following and he caught Sabin with a nice tornado DDT. They get in the ring and Ryan gets a nearfall. Sabin starts a comeback with an Enzuigiri, but Ryan stops him and hits a string of moves ending in another near fall. Sabin reverses an irish whip and hits Ryan with a dropkick in the corner. He puts Ryan in the tree of woe and nails a dropkick for a 2! Sabin went for a string of running moves, but Sabin gets caught with a superkick out of nowhere! A series of reversals and Sabin hits the cradleshock out of nowhere for the 3! Time of the fall ~9:28. Another fun and solid match. ***

Mixed Tag Team Match
April Hunter and JD Michaels vs. Daffney and Damien Wayne

The girls are starting off the match, and April goes for a test of strength. They do the opposite hand thing until Daffney tickles (really) April and runs away. The guys are in now and JD hits a hip toss and celebrates like he won the match. They lock up and Damien hits a couple hip tosses and wrenches the arm. Damien continues to work over the arm for a while, but Michaels hits a weird twist flapjack thing into the ropes. Michaels tries to do something that looks terrible and it earns a ‘You fucked up’ chant. He hits a back elbow for a nearfall. Michaels hit a suplex and hopped to his feet in celebration. Michaels continue to dominate, and he heads to the top ropes. Daffney kicks the rope to crotch Michaels, and Damien meets him up top and follows up with a superplex. Hot tag to the girls and Daffney hits some chops until she is caught with what seems like a crappy black hole slam. April hits a series of suplexs for a near fall. April tosses Daffney across the ring by the hair, but Daffney starts a comeback. April hits a messed up kick or something before going for a crucifix esque submission. April does a few moves to Daffney after putting her in the tree of woe. Daffney sits up and goes for a sliced bread #2? No, Daffney lands on her feet and hits an inverted DDT instead. After a near fall, Michaels runs into the ring to attack Daffney. Wayne cuts him off and clotheslines him to the floor. In the mix, Daffney takes April to the mat and locks in a cross arm breaker for the submission win at ~9:27. Okay, nothing special. *1/4

Doring comes to the ring first and says that the officials want him to say something about his release of the ECW brand. Doring says stuff about what he has done in this building and he calls out Sabu.

Sabu vs. Danny Doring
This match wasn’t listed on the DVD, so I hope this is a good little bonus. The match starts with some basic grapples and chain wrestling as the crowd goes wild for Sabu. Sabu hits several punches and a clothesline, before he hit a springboard leg drop. Sabu went for a another clothesline, but Doring hit one of his own and tossed Sabu to the floor. Sabu hit a few punches and slid Doring into the ring, and he followed up with a front flip leg drop. He worked Danny with a submission and got a chair from ringside. Sabu went to jump on the chair, but Danny grabbed his foot making him fall face first into the chair. Danny locked in an STF, before he set a chair in the corner. He tried to whip Sabu into the chair, but Sabu reversed it. Doring hit his back on it, as Sabu picked up the chair and set it up in front of his standing opponent. Sabu went to jump on the chair, but the chair broke under his feet. He stumbled forward, and Doring had moved out of the way easily. Doring followed with a cool neckbreaker like move for a near fall. Doring tosses Sabu to the floor, but Sabu quickly gets a chair from the crowd. Doring kicked Sabu to keep him on the outside and then leaped over the ropes for a suicide dive. Sabu moved aside and got in the ring. Sabu followed with a dive of his own to the floor. They fight on the floor but finally get in the ring. Doring hits a T Bone Suplex, and he locks in a rear naked choke. Sabu gets to the ropes to break the hold, but Doring gets a chair from ringside. He sets the chair on Sabu’s chest and goes to the rope. Sabu throws the chair at Doring’s head and hits a frankensteiner from the top for a 2. Sabu goes for the triple jump moonsault to be stopped by Doring, but on a second attempt he hits it for another 2! Sabu went for a dive on Doring in the corner, but Doring lifted Sabu to the top rope. He tossed the chair at Sabu. Doring mocked Sabu, and Sabu threw the chair at Doring’s face. Sabe picked the chair up and hit an Arabian Facebuster for the fall at ~9:24. ** The match dragged on a little bit, and a lot of the moves looked sloppy. Just an ECW nostalgia match. One thing that bothered me is how the referee never tried to take away the chairs or stop their usage.

After the match, Doring and Sabu shake hands and hug while ‘Fuck McMahon’ chants are heard.

Ruckus vs. Sonjay Dutt
Basic chain wrestling to kick off the match, and they seem quite evenly matched. About a couple minutes in, the pace quickens and Dutt hits the first impact move with a huricanrana and an arm drag. They go back to slow chain wrestling until Ruckus hits an insane sequence that sends Dutt to the floor with a huricanrana. Ruckus goes for a suicide dive, but Dutt rolls in the ring. Ruckus landed on his feet and Dutt goes for a dive but nobody home. Ruckus gets on the apron and hit a Shooting Star Pressed onto Dutt. Ruckus is dominating as they get back in the ring with a few nearfalls. Soon enough they are neck and neck with quick pins. They trade forearms on their feet, but Ruckus hits a twisting neckbreaker out of nowhere for the 2! Ruckus hits a bodyslam and a standing moonsault for another 2! Ruckus goes for a rolling corner move, but Dutt moves and follows with a flying leg lariat for a near fall. Dutt whips Ruckus but he hits a handspring kick. He follows up with a double handspring back elbow into the corner. This is getting to quick to call. He’s making this look way to easy. Ruckus is on the top going for a tornado DDT, but Dutt knocks him off. Dutt goes for some springboard move to no avail. Dutt ducks under a clothesline and ends up hitting a tornado DDT! He follows up with a standing shooting star press for the finish at ~8:06! Very enjoyable and fast paced match. ***1/4

Steve enters first and grabs a microphone. He says that he isn’t supposed to grab a microphone, but he has to say something. He makes some comments about the referee, Earl Hebner, before he says that tonight is the last time he’ll wrestle in the REAL ECW Arena. He calls WWECW shit, and then says he’d sellout if he gets the chance. He said he is going to burn as many bridges as he can. Steve says something and calls out Mitch Williams, that baseball player. Dustin comes out and starts talking but the crowd is too loud to hear it. It’s bad that I can’t hear, I just think it’s worse since I don’t really care what he’s saying anyways. Dustin goes to punch Mitch Williams and Steve cuts him off to start the match.

Bullrope Match
Steve Corino vs. Dustin Rhodes

Steve hits Dustin with the bell, and Dustin is already bleeding. Steve chokes Dustin with the rope, and they finally are tied together. Dustin cuts him off after hitting 3 ring posts, and Corino gets caught low with the bell. Dustin and Corino are on the floor, and Dustin tosses a chair into the ring. He then puts the ring bell on Corino’s crotch and punches it. They’re back in the ring and Corino knocks Dustin down with some punches. Corino sets up a chair, but Dustin soon plants him face first into the chair. Dustin sets the chair up in the corner, and he throws Steve face first into it. Dustin sets it back up again and puts Corino against it. Dustin hog ties him and somehow uses this to slam Corino face first into the chair again. Corino is busted up, and Dustin is going for the win. At the fourth turnbuckle Mitch runs in the ring and forearm Dustin in the back. Steve beats on Dustin and touches the corners, but Dustin crawls behind him. Before the sixth corner, Dustin pulls Corino into a bulldog, and gets the win at ~5:53. Average match, two older guys. Didn’t expect much. ** Only six minutes and they’re bleeding like crazy.

Matthews grabbed a mic before his match. He said all the companies he has been fired from and tells everyone to kiss his ‘white butt’. He says he is the hottest free agent in wrestling.

Joey Matthews vs. Senshi
They circle the ring, and before they lock up Senshi went for a high kick that Matthews barely dodged. They lock up, and Senshi forces Matthews into the ropes. They chain wrestle ending with Senshi kicking Joey in the chest and him fleeing. They lock up once again, but Senshi goes over the top rope and does a hanging cross armbreaker. The hold is broken and they lock up again. Joey takes Senshi down and slaps the back of his head. Joey poses, and he is caught with a STIFF slap. Joey bails and now Senshi is annoyed. He aggressively hits some chops in the corner. Joey was able to pull Senshi to the top rope, and he connected with a punch that knocked Senshi to the floor. Joey chops and punches Senshi on the floor, before he rolls him into the ring. Joey hits a stalling vertical suplex for the 2. Joey beat his opponent down with a couple of clotheslines, but Senshi started a comeback. Joey was able to prevent a springboard attack and pull Senshi up top. He hit a superplex for a 2 count. The crowd gets behind Senshi, as Matthews works a sleeper hold. Senshi escapes to the ropes causing a break. Matthews hits a snapmare to Senshi and reapplies the sleeper. Senshi escapes and they trade a couple of sleepers until Senshi hits a backdrop. Senshi hits a series of chops and a forearm. Joey hit a punch to the head, but Senshi came back with a kick to the head. Senshi went for a shining wizard and missed, but he came back with a kick to the back of the head. Senshi followed up with a roundhouse kick for a nearfall. The chain wrestle, but Joey gets the upperhand with a northern lights suplex for a 2! Joey goes for a vertical suplex, but Senshi hit knees to the head. Matthews sets Senshi on the top rope, and he goes for a superplex. Senshi pushes him off and goes for the Warriors Way. Matthews moves and follows with a superkick for a 2! Matthews lifts Senshi up, but Senshi does a quick double leg into a jackknife pin at ~12:31. Solid wrestling, some really slow points. ***

Before the match, Daniels says this won’t be a street fight. Styles goes on some rant saying that Team 3D can’t wrestle. Daniels agrees with him, and he says he hates wrestling for fans that think they know what wrestling is all about. He says everyone knows next to nothing about pro wrestling. He says they are the only ones that know it, and Daniels tells everyone to shut the hell up. ‘If I suck so bad, why am I in the main event, and you in the front row, ASSHOLE.’ Daniels is awesome here. Calling the ECW wrestlers trash while in the ECW arena. Team 3D enter with their belts and a chair, and say that here they are the Dudley Boys. Ray makes fun of Daniels and says that by the end of the night one of ‘those two bitches’ will be put through a table.

Philly Street Fight
Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother D-Von) vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

Daniels and Styles are leaving because they don’t want to be in a Philly Street Fight. After Ray puts down his chair they finally get into the ring. Styles and D-Von start in the ring, why are there tags in a street fight? Styles hits a couple snapmares to D-Von and celebrates. Styles starts to speed up the pace, but he gets hit with a back body drop and a back elbow. D-Von gets a trashcan lid, so Styles and Daniels bail. They get back in the ring after D-Von sets the lid down. D-Von and Ray go for a double team, but Styles goes to the floor, slides back in the ring, and tags in Daniels. Daniels and Ray lock up, and Daniels is overpowered into the corner. Daniels hits Ray with a drop toe hold and then celebrates. 5 minutes in and not much has happened. The pace quickens and Daniels is getting cocky in this match. Daniels hits a heel kick for a near fall, but in only a few moments Daniels runs into a side slam for a two. Ray tosses Daniels to the floor. Ray gets a ladder and throws it at Daniels, but he ducks and runs into the ring. Daniels and Styles begin a double team, and things are starting to lose control. Some double team moves and everyone is on the floor. D-Von crushes a trashcan lid into Daniels head, and Ray smashes the trashcan into Styles’ head. Ray hits Styles with a cookie sheet on the back, and he chokes him with a crutch. Styles ducks under a crutch shot, and Styles nails him with a cookie sheet several times. Daniels and Styles are both beating the Dudleys with weapons on the floor. D-Von gets a claw on Styles nether regions giving him the advantage as Ray hits Daniels with some chops. D-Von and Styles are back in the ring while the others are on the floor. So much action! D-Von with a chokeslam to Styles for 2! Daniels runs in with the STO for 2! Ray with the Bubba Bomb for 2! Styles hits a flying forearm for 2! Everyone is down! Styles and D-Von are up on the top, and Daniels lifts D-Von into an electric chair. D-Von squirms off and shoves Daniels forward into a suplex from RIC STEINER! Steiner takes down EVERYONE with suplexs. He leaves and Daniels and Styles hit a BME/450 combo, but Ray breaks it up. Daniels and Styles hit a double suplex to Ray, and they set up for a what’s up. D-Von shoves Styles off the top, and the Dudleys hit what’s up to Daniels! GET THE TABLES! Table is in the ring, but an Enzuigiri from Daniels and a pele from Styles take the Dudleys down. Styles and Daniels try to double suplex D-Von through a table, but Ray pulls the table out of the way. Ray takes them both down, and he powerbombs Styles THROUGH THE TABLE! The Dudleys hit the 3D to Daniels for the fall at ~16:28! This was a good main event and capped off a solid show. ***1/2

Overall: The show was only just over 2 hours long and it was pretty fun. Only the final two matches were over ten minutes, and nothing was particularly bad except for the mixed tag team match which wasn’t that bad.
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