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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

So far Okada/Naito is my MOTY. Here's my review of it:

OKADA/Naito is actually a pretty damn good match but it has its flaws. I just hated how sometimes Naito would completely ignore all the leg work he had previously done at times. The finish also left a bad a taste in my mouth. I haven't seen the match in some weeks so correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the match end in a clothesline? And just minutes prior to that, OKADA was dropping Naito on his head? A guy gets hit some high impact moves and still kicks out, but a clothesline ends the match?

Then another thing was the piledrivers. I think I just have to accept the fact that in Puro a piledriver deals the same damage as a headlock. But the one thing I liked was OKADA selling the injured leg really well after delivering the two piledrivers (the one inside the ring and the other outside). He made it look like it was the only thing keeping him back from winning. But there were times Naito would just completely ignore the leg work. It wasn't often but it happened.

I not a big puro guy or as a matter of fact any wrestling match on the whole that involves stiff kicks chops, elbows,no selling and head dropping but NJPW doesn't feature such shit (at least from what I've seen) It's mostly NOAH and AJPW that do that sort of thing, so I stay as far away as possible from those promotions.

But I really liked OKADA/Naito. I'm not really that big a fan of either guy but OKADA is a really good performer in the ring. He has good psychology and sells well. For some odd reason he's like a Japanese Randy Orton to me with his mannerisms. This is a damn good match. I don't see it being MOTY but it's one of the best for the year thus far.

I'm really dreading that Richards/Elgin match. I hate stiff wrestling. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I don't mind one or two stiff shots but holy shit the overdone stiff elbows, kicks, chops just turns me off. I hate the ROH/indy style of wrestling. I don't wanna really brand it as the indy style but it's commonly found in the 'big time' indy companies and even Japanese promotions like NOAH and AJPW. Every match is structured the same way. Random ass chain wrestling at the start that fail to develop a story, then the aggressive takedown and aggressive rolls to counter them begin. Then from there it's just move for move. There is a huge lack of selling right now on the indies. No one sells anything. It's clear as day that a lot of these indy wrestlers need to put away their Misawa/Kobashi tapes and put in some good old Memphis. They try so badly to recreate all those AJPW matches from the late 80s and 90s.

Oh yeah and I'm not sure if it's true but I heard there was a match with Davey Richards 9and possibly Eddie Edwards, not too sure) in which the finish saw Richards top rope suplex his opponent and then without releasing it on the mat did another one and then finished with an ankle lock? I can see why that will entertain some, but it does nothing for me. Like I said I haven't seen the match but I can take a guess her and say that, knowing these two men, there was no back work previously done and there definitely wasn't any leg work. But all limb work aside, it's just overdone. A top rope suplex is as big as a spot it gets. It's a move that knocks the wind out of both guys, you're killing the illusion by going directly into a standing suplex and where the heck does the ankle lock come into this? It's way too overdone for my taste.

I just really, really, hate that stiff kicking, elbowing, chopping, no selling, head dropping style of wrestling. There's nothing that breaks my concentration and interest and overall focus more in a match like when I see wrestlers just going move for move. A great example of this that I saw recently and is fresh in my mind is Hamada/Melissa vs Del Rey/Eagles from SHIMMER 39. It got to the point where I just stopped watching. Nothing is more distracting when you're trying to watch a match and it's nothing but a you hit me, I hit you. A good example of an intense match that took place on the card night was Jessica James/Athena. That's how you convey the message of intense. Check that match out. It's a short match but great storytelling.

But like I said dreading that Richards/Elgin. To me the best thing in ROH is Adam Cole. I just hate his style of wrestling as a face. He needs to tone it down. As a heel he worked tremendously though. He's still pretty damn young( which is why this is not a major complain atm for me) but he needs to put on some more size if he wants WWE to start calling. But the guy has the look, he can talk and has the in-ring skills. He's the total package. I've had my eye on him for about 2 years now. He's the only guy on the indies right now that I wanna see in the WWE.

Oh and as for Meltzer, his opinion doesn't mean damn thing to me. He was once a God amongst wrestling fans to me but now I don't give a damn. He also obviously has some sort of bias against WWE. Are you telling me the only ***** match since Bret/Austin was Punk/Cena?

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