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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Reposting this so I can add my email address:

Hi. Longtime Chikara and indy wrestling fan. I've gotten out of wrestling entirely and have been selling off my collection. I've bought and sold on Ebay for years with perfect feedback. I still have quite a few ROH and PWG DVDs to sell, so I'm posting the list here. Most of the ROH are from 2004-2006 and are OOP. Virtually everything I have is in "like new" condition.

Payment is accepted through PayPal. Shipping will be via priority mail with a tracking number provided. I'll ship next business day after payment is received.

Here's the list:
ROH $10 each
ROH Night of Champions 3/22/03
ROH Round Robin Challenge 4/26/03
ROH/FWA Frontiers of Honor 5/17/03 (RF Video ROH version)
ROH Night of Grudges 6/14/03
ROH Wrestlerave ’03 6/28/03
ROH Death Before Dishonor 7/19/03
ROH 2nd Year Anniversary Show 2/14/04
ROH At Our Best 3/13/04
ROH Reborn – Stage One 4/23/04
ROH Reborn – Stage Two 4/24/04
ROH Round Robin Challenge III 5/15/04
ROH Survival of the Fittest 6/24/04
ROH Reborn – Completion 7/17/04
ROH Scramble Cage Melee 8/28/04
ROH Glory by Honor 3 9/11/04-
ROH All Star Extravaganza 2 12/14/04
ROH Final Battle 2004 12/26/04
ROH Do or Die IV 2/19/05
ROH Trios Tournament 3/5/05
ROH Best of American Super Juniors Tournament 4/2/05
ROH Stalemate 4/16/05
ROH The Final Showdown 5/13/05
ROH The Future is Now 6/12/05
ROH Redemption 8/12/05
ROH Survival of the Fittest 9/24/05
ROH Unforgettable 10/2/05
ROH Enter the Dragon 10/14/05
ROH Buffalo Stampede 10/15/05
ROH This Means War 10/29/05
ROH Showdown in Motown 11/4/05
ROH Steel Cage Warfare 12/3/05
ROH Hell Freezes Over 1/14/06
ROH Tag Wars 2006 1/27/06
ROH Dissention 1/28/06
ROH Unscripted 2/11/06
ROH Fourth Anniversary Show 2/25/06
ROH Arena Warfare 3/11/06
ROH Dragon Gate Challenge 3/30/06
ROH Supercard of Honort 3/31/06
ROH Better than Our Best 4/1/06
ROH The 100th Show 4/22/06
ROH Weekend of Champions – Night 1 4/28/06
ROH Weekend of Champions – Night Two 4/29/06
ROH Destiny 6/3/06
ROH Throwdown 6/23/06
ROH Chi-Town Struggle 6/24/06
ROH Generation Now 7/29/06
ROH Time to Man Up 8/4/06
ROH Unified 8/12/06
ROH Anarchy in the UK 8/13/06
ROH Epic Encounter II 8/25/06
ROH Gut Check 8/26/06
ROH Glory by Honor V – Night 1 9/15/06
ROH Glory by Honor V – Night 2 9/16/06
ROH Survival of the Fittest 10/6/06
ROH Motor City Madness 10/7/06
ROH Suffocation 10/27/06
ROH Honor Reclaims Boston 11/3/06
ROH The Bitter End 11/4/06
ROH Black Friday Fallout 11/24/06
ROH Dethroned 11/25/06
ROH The Chicago Spectacular – Night One 12/8/06
ROH The Chicago Spectacular – Night Two 12/9/06
ROH Dedicated 1/26/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival – 2/24/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival –Liverpool 3/3/07
ROH Fifth Year Festival – Finale 3/4/07
ROH Supercard of Honor II 3/31/07
ROPH Fighting Spirit 4/14/07
ROH The Battle of St. Paul 4/27/07
ROH Domination 6/9/07
ROH Undeniable 10/6/07
ROH The Tokyo Summit 9/14/08
ROH Injustice II 1/17/09
ROH Motor City Madness 1/30/09
ROH Proving Ground 2009 – Night One 2/6/09
ROH Proving Ground 2009 – Night Two 2/7/09

PWG $4 each
PWG Taste the Radness 2/22/04
PWG 88 Miles Per Hour 3/7/04
PWG The Musical 4/17/04
PWG Kee_ the _ee Our of Our _ool 4/27/04
PWG 44 Ways to Kill You With a Pimento 5/22/04
PWG The Next Show 9/3/04
PWG Use Your Illusion III 10/9/04
PWG Use Your Illusion IV 10/23/04
PWG Free Admission 11/13/04
PWG Uncanny X-Mas 12/18/04
PWG Card Subject to Change 1/22/05
PWG All Nude Review 2/12/05
PWG Ernest P. Worrell Memorial 3/12/05
PWG Jason Takes PWG 5/13/05
PWG 2nd Annual PWG Bicentennial Birthday Extravaganza – Night One 7/9/05
PWG 2nd Annual PWG Bicentennial Birthday Extravaganza – Night Two 7/10/05
PWG Zombies Shouldn’t Run 8/6/05
PWG Smells Like Steen Spirit 8/19/05 After School Special 10/1/05
PWG Straight to DVD 10/14/05
PWG All Star Weekend 2 – Night One 11/18/05
PWG All Star Weekend 2 – Night Two 11/19/05
PWG Chanukah Chaos 12/3/05
PWG Astonishing X-Mas 12/16/05
PWG Cruisin’ for a Brusin’ 1/7/06
PWG Teen Outreach Summit 1/21/06
PWG Permanent Vacation/Card Subject to Change 2 2/4/06
PWG Hollywood Globetrotters 3/4/06
PWG Beyond the Thunderdome 3/18/06
PWG (Please Don’t Call It) The OC 5/6/06
PWG Enchantment Under the Sea 5/20/06
PWG Fear of a Black Planet 6/3/06
PWG From Parts Well Known 6/24/06
PWG Self-Titled 10/6/06
PWG Horror Business 10/21/06
PWG Passive Hostility 12/2/06
PWG True Stories 1/13/07
PWG Guitarmageddon II – Amoryageddon 2/10/07
PWG Holy Diver Down 2/24/07
PWG Album of the Year 3/10/07
PWG Roger Dorn Night 6/10/07
PWG Schadenfreude 10/14/07
PWG The High Cost of Doing Business 11/11/07
PWG Pearl Habra 1/27/08
PWG Dia De Los Dangerous! 2/24/08
PWG 1.21 Gigawatts 3/21/08
PWG /it’s A Gift…. And /A Curse 4/5/08
PWG It’s It (What Is It?) 6/8/08
PWG Life During Wartime 7/6/08
PWG Threemendous II 7/31/09

Thanks. If you're interested in anything or have questions, please PM me or email me at walking_uphill@yahoo.com
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