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Re: SPOILER THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

mace think he's playing the game though. he's a pawn just like cersei was a pawn to her father when he was looking for marriages. when kevan used her as a pawn. she sat back and watch her child get used as tyrion's pawn. if being a pawn disqualifies than you cersei is just thinking she's playing the game when in reality she isn't.

cmon mrmmister stannis battling the elements. oh we're doing so well while we wait for sunshine.

doran isn't defeated mrmister. so by genesis train of thought i have to applaud him. the vale and dorne thing was basically me saying she has her whole kingdom in rebellion. the two kingdoms who aren't in rebellion are willing to let the others fight it out. if you think about she only has the westerlands. she secures her son on the throne and he gets dominion over one kingdom.

here goes my thoughts on cersei. banks come for their money. she goes you think money is something, it's isn't POWER is everything.

this also sums her up. hey littlefinger, power is power. guess what here's a castle. this castle gives you power that grants you what you wanted a kingdom of your own. oh, i miss littlefinger he knew how to use coins. now i can't power is power littlefinger. who i've effectively made untouchable to my reach and now i need a competent master of coin.

i haven't gone into how her own initiatives tend to bite her in the ass. her plot bit her in the ass. arming people bit her in the ass. the people she surrounds herself flee, or giver her up. it's all signs of incompetence. she's like the spread offense quarterback who can't convert to an NFL offense. she'll probably be competent and pay attention to the fine prints when she claws herself into a respectable position again.
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